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n. (context slang US English) A five-dollar bill. n. A diminutive of the male given name Abraham.

Abe (given name)

Abe is commonly used in English-speaking countries as a shortened form of the name " Abraham", or as a personal name in its own right.

People with the given name Abe:

  • Abe Attell ("The Little Hebrew"; 1884–1970), American world champion Hall of Fame featherweight boxer
  • Abe Burrows (1910–1985), American playwright/director
  • Abe Cohen (1933–2001), American football player
  • Abe Goldstein (1898–1977), American world champion bantamweight boxer
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809–65), 16th president of the United States
  • Abe Vigoda (1921-2016), American actor
  • Abe Fortas (1910–1982), Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  • Abe (Glenn) Osser (born 1914), American musician
  • Abe Saperstein (1908–66), UK-born American founder & owner of the Harlem Globetrotters

Fictional characters with the given name Abe:

  • Abraham Simpson, Famous cartoon grandfather
  • Abe (Oddworld), primary protagonist in the Oddworld fictional universe.
  • Abe Pollack, Fictional time travel theorist.
  • Abe Froman, an unseen character nicknamed "The Sausage King of Chicago" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Abe (Oddworld)

Abe is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Oddworld video game series, created by Oddworld Inhabitants. Abe was introduced in the 1997 game Abe's Oddysee and his character has changed and developed throughout the subsequent games, Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee.

Abe, a creature known as a Mudokon, initially works as a slave for the meat-processing plant RuptureFarms until his eventual escape. An atypical video game character, he does not fight or use any weapons, instead employing stealth and a unique ability to control his enemies' minds.

The character was well received by critics. Along with Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, Abe was one of the unofficial mascots of the PlayStation and was an example of the PlayStation's more mature style of platformers.


Abe or ABE may refer to:

Abe (musical)

Abe is a musical in two acts based on the life of President Abraham Lincoln with book & lyrics by Lee Goldsmith, music by Roger Anderson and orchestration by Greg Anthony. The musical covers the life of Abraham Lincoln from his earliest attempts at self-improvement through the 1860 election which made him the 16th president of an already fracturing United States. Also explored is Lincoln's youth as a flatboat pilot on the Mississippi, his early love for Ann Rutledge, his troubled marriage to the difficult and mentally fragile Mary Todd, and his attempt to be a good father to his sons.

Abe (surname)

Abe is one of several Japanese surnames and can refer to:

  • The Abe clan, one of the oldest Japanese clans, which was particularly prominent in the Heian period
  • Asami Abe (born 1985), Japanese J-pop singer
  • Genki Abe (1894–1989), pre-war police bureaucrat and head of the Tokko police, and war-time cabinet minister
  • Hiroaki Abe (1889–1949), Japanese admiral
  • Hiroshi Abe (actor) (born 1964), Japanese model and actor
  • Hiroshi Abe (astronomer), Japanese astronomer
  • Jun Abe (born 1955), Japanese photographer
  • Juran Hisao (born Masao Abe; 1902–1957), Japanese author
  • Kan Abe (1894–1946), Japanese politician, father of Shintaro Abe
  • Kazushige Abe (born 1968), Japanese author
  • Keigo Abe (born 1938), Senior Shotokan karate instructor
  • Keiko Abe (born 1937), Japanese composer and virtuoso marimba player
  • Kenshiro Abbe (born Kenshirō Abe; 1915–1985), Japanese martial artist in the United Kingdom
  • Kōbō Abe (born Kimifusa Abe; 1924–1993), Japanese author
  • Kōsō Abe (1892–1947), Japanese admiral, executed as war criminal
  • Mao Abe (born 1990), Japanese singer
  • Masao Abe (1915–2006), Japanese academic in Buddhist philosophy and comparative religion
  • Masashi Abe (born 1965), Japanese Nordic combined skier
  • Abe no Nakamaro, scholar, administrator, and waka poet in the Nara period
  • Natsumi Abe (born 1981), Japanese J-pop singer
  • Nobuyuki Abe (1875–1953), 36th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Norick Abe (1975–2007), Japanese motorcycle road racer
  • Sada Abe (1905 – after 1970), Japanese convicted murderer, prostitute, actress
  • Sadao Abe (born 1970), Japanese actor
  • Satoru Abe (born 1926), American sculptor
  • Abe no Seimei, an onmyōji, a leading specialist of onmyōdō during the middle of the Heian Period in Japan
  • Abe no Yasuna, a disciple of Kamo no Yasunori and father of Abe no Seimei
  • Shinnosuke Abe (born 1979), Japanese baseball player for the Yomiuri Giants
  • Shintaro Abe (1924–1991), Japanese politician, father of Shinzo
  • Shinzō Abe (born 1954), 90th and 96th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Takakazu Abe, character
  • Tokiharu Abe (1911–1996), Japanese ichthyologist
  • Tomoji Abe (1903–1973), Japanese novelist
  • Kae Araki, (born Yoshie Abe, 1963), Japanese voice actress
  • Yoshishige Abe (1883–1966), educator, cabinet minister
  • Yoshiteru Abe, Japanese go player
  • Yoshitoshi Abe (born 1971), Japanese graphic artist
  • Yoshiyuki Abe (born 1969), Japanese professional cyclist
  • Yuki Abe (born 1981), Japanese international football (association) player
  • Yumiko Abe (born 1979), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Yutaka Abe (1895–1977), Japanese film director

Usage examples of "abe".

With a hasty glance toward the ablution facility, Abe raced after the others, to find them by the locked door.

I devised a series of tests: knotting tug lines and putting bungy cords in tug lines to prove to George that Abe was a worthy puller.

Abe, the President will have to be a copartnership instead of an individual, with one member of the firm in Washington and the other in Paris.

Now Verily hardly knew what the story was about, and he certainly did not know this Coz fellow Abe was talking about.

That was when Alvin became vaguely aware of the voices of Mike and Abe and Coz, somewhere in the distance, whooping and hollering like little boys.

Verily hardly knew what the story was about, and he certainly did not know this Coz fellow Abe was talking about.

She was very glad that she was not Abe Durancy, and that it was morning.

Abe Durancy, of his mad wild visions, which were now spilling and growing and metamorphosing and mutating all around her, and thought, he was happy.

Rose and of Cincinnati and of Abe Durancy himself, echoing within her, pulling her.

One hour later I knocked on the gorgeous oaken baronial door of the Abe and Charity Gingivitis House Beautiful.

So when I arrived home after that jolly jail Chautauqua, Bob Maelstorm, Abe Gingivitis, and Tom Florissant were camped on my portal all bloated up like bullfrogs in mating season because a few moments ago they had formed The Committee to Save Willow Road.

To an unschooled observer, Abe Sapien appears to segue into a coma state, respirating less than one breath per minute through the delicate lamellae of his gillwork.

Sunday, February 9, we fetched Minnie, Lightening, Orah, Kirk, Essie, Abe, Moose, Pete, Boomer, Bandit, Scamp, Taro, and, just in case, Gilbert.

He heard a sigh of relief from Harold as he laid down his end of the stretcher, and a muffled moan from Abe as he was jolted back to earth.

He could only get into us oncet, Abe, so go right over there and see Linkheimer, and if in writing he would give us a guaranty the feller is honest, go ahead and hire him.