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n. 1 An academic grade issued by certain educational institutions. Slightly better than an A. 2 (context slang English) The highest possible rating. 3 (context baseball English) Single A advanced league.

A+ (programming language)

A+ is an array programming language descendent from the programming language A, which in turn was created to replace APL in 1988. Arthur Whitney developed the "A" portion of A+, while other developers at Morgan Stanley extended it, adding a graphical user interface and other language features. A+ was designed for numerically intensive applications, especially those found in financial applications. A+ runs on many Unix variants, including Linux. A+ is a high-level, interactive, interpreted language.

A+ provides an extended set of functions and operators, a graphical user interface with automatic synchronization of widgets and variables, asynchronous execution of functions associated with variables and events, dynamic loading of user compiled subroutines, and other features. A newer graphical user interface has not yet been ported to all supported platforms.

The A+ language implements the following changes to the APL language:

  • an A+ function may have up to nine formal parameters
  • A+ code statements are separated by semicolons, so a single statement may be divided into two or more physical lines
  • The explicit result of a function or operator is the result of the last statement executed
  • A+ implements an object called a dependency, which is a global variable (the dependent variable) and an associated definition that is like a function with no arguments. Values can be explicitly set and referenced in exactly the same ways as for a global variable, but they can also be set through the associated definition.

Interactive A+ development is primarily done in the Xemacs editor, through extensions to the editor. Because A+ code uses the original APL symbols, displaying A+ requires a font with those special characters; a font called "kapl" is provided on the web site for that purpose.

Arthur Whitney went on to create the K language, a proprietary array language. Like J, K omits the APL character set. It does not have some of the perceived complexities of A+, such as the existence of statements and two different modes of syntax.

A+ (rapper)

Andre Levins, also known as A+ (born August 29, 1982, Hempstead, New York) is an American rapper. As a teenager he released albums in 1996 and in 1999.


A+ may refer to:

  • A+ (blood type)
  • A+ (grade), the highest grade achievable in a grading system based on letters of the alphabet
  • A+ (programming language), a dialect of APL with aggressive extensions
  • A+ (rapper), Andre Levins, an American rapper
  • A+ (EP), 2015 EP by Hyuna
  • A-Plus (rapper), Adam Carter, an American rapper
  • A+ certification, the professional computer technician certification by CompTIA
  • Animax Eastern Europe, an Eastern European anime TV channel formerly known as A+
  • A-Plus, an American convenience store chain owned & operated by Sunoco
  • A-Plus Entertainment, a television station in Pakistan
  • A Plus (, a social news company based in New York City.
A+ (EP)

A+ is the fourth extended play by South Korean singer Hyuna. The EP consists of five tracks and incoporates Pop and Hip-Hop music genres. It was released for digital download by Cube Entertainment and Universal Music on August 21, 2015. The physical album was released three days later on August 24. To promote the EP, Hyuna appeared on several South Korean music programs, including Music Bank, Show! Music Core and Inkigayo. "Roll Deep" was released at the title track for the EP.