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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Transliteration \Trans*lit`er*a"tion\, n. The act or product of transliterating, or of expressing words of a language by means of the characters of another alphabet.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"rendering of the letters of one alphabet by the equivalents of another," 1835, from trans- "across" (see trans-) + Latin littera (also litera) "letter, character" (see letter (n.)).


n. 1 (context linguistics translation studies English) The act or product of transliterating, or of representing letters or words in the characters of another alphabet or script. 2 (context sign language English) The act or product of rendering speech in sign language, or vice versa.


n. a transcription from one alphabet to another


Transliteration is the conversion of a text from one script to another.

For instance, a Latin transliteration of the Greek phrase "", usually translated as 'Hellenic Republic', is "".

Transliteration is not concerned with representing the sounds of the original, only the characters, ideally accurately and unambiguously. Thus, in the above example, λλ is transliterated as 'll', but pronounced /l/; Δ is transliterated as 'D', but pronounced 'ð'; and η is transliterated as 'ē', though it is pronounced /i/ (exactly like ι) and is not long.

Conversely, transcription notes the sounds but not necessarily the spelling. So "" could be transcribed as "", which does not specify which of the /i/ sounds are written as η and which as ι.

Usage examples of "transliteration".

The full code will be duly communicated to the various National Assemblies, and the transliteration of the Oriental terms mentioned in the English letters sent out by the Haifa Spiritual Assembly will provide a correct and reliable supplement to the above-mentioned list.

To render the transliteration as accurate as possible, please help us refine this text using the rules outlined at the aforementioned website.

There was also a small, folded piece of paper in the box with a transliteration of what it said on the chalk.

English equivalent, instead of in an attempted transliteration of the foreign word.

Transcriptions and transliterations of these facsimiles, added in this electronic edition, are set off from the main text after the facsimile.

These far northern ones are most probably Norse, at least the French transliterations of Norse.

Carialle said, monitoring as the IT program recorded the correct uses of the verb, and postulated forms and suffixes for other verbs in its file, shuffling the onomatopoeic transliterations down like cards.

Mikel Murga, a good Basque friend in Spain, for his transliterations of Euskera to English and for his insights into what it means to be Basque.

As for the encipherment in Yiddish transliteration, the SS here would penetrate the poor mask instantly.

These far northern ones are most probably Norse, at least the French transliterations of Norse.

In many cases, a more Anglicized transliteration is used instead of the tlhIngan Hol transliterations preferred by linguists (e.

Most modern transliterations from the Hebrew follow the Sephardic pronunciation because that is how modern Israeli Hebrew is pronounced.