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Word usage examples

ras, Mirach, and Arcturus, being very nearly simultaneous in their heliacal rising.

With relief they deposited the heavy chest before the Ras, amid a hubbub of voices from the dark mass of watchers.

Mek Kem, who personified the problem of the Great Ones, came back onto the screen in front of Pawasar Pawasar Ras.

Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Aissur Aissur Rus spoke for the Foitani from Odern, Solut Mek Kem and a colleague named Nogal Ryn Nyr for the Great Ones, and Voskop W Wurd and his chief aide Yulvot L Reat for the Foitani from Rof Golan.

A ras del suelo, una larga ventana con barrotes corta el muro central.

Seventy-five per cent of the buildings in Morbus are devoted to the culture and growth of these horrid creatures which Ras Thavas turns out in enormous numbers.

Because of these things I appoint you a dwar, and when we enter Morbus in victory you may select the body of any red man there and I will command ras Thavas to transfer your brain to it.

The cosmogonies of the Delta: Sibu and Nait, Osiris and Isis, SU and Nephthys--Heliopolis and its theological schools: Ra, his identification with Horus, his dual nature, and the conception of Atumu--The Heliopolitan Enneads: formation of the Great Ennead--Thot and the Hermopolitan Ennead: creation by articulate words and by voice alone--Diffusion of the Enneads: their connection with the local triads, the god One and the god Eight--The one and only gods.

As the gods left, she caught sight of Hu and Sia looking back at them with open curiosity--in particular toward Ra, their new father--before the door could swing shut behind them, leaving Neith and her son in silence.

Finally, in the shape of a cow, Neith invented childbirth by bringing forth Ra, who grew to be the mightiest of the gods.