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plaided plaiden plaidie

Word usage examples

I swear I should give one of my eyes, could the sight of the other be restored long enough to see the lad in his plaidie this night!

She wore nae gold, nae jewels bright, nor silk nor satin rare, But just the plaidie that a queen might well be proud to wear.

Their three boys had run about clothed only in red plaidies until the snows drove them indoors.

Indeed, it seemed to us they swaggered in the town, like plaided Highlanders upon the streets of Inverness, conscious of barbaric virtues.

Johnny and the Infant were in citizens' clothes, and the Straggler - as Hood calls John Darby, since the Prestons have been in Richmond - was all plaided and plumed in his surgeon's array.

Perhaps for that reason, though he usually displayed his BIS credentials reluctantly, Martfn found himself reaching into the breast pocket of his well-tailored, faintly plaided suit for his papers.