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osachila osadchuk osadniki osaekomi osafjord osaka-jo osanobua osaonica osarseph osarsite osarvira osarwadi osashizu osazones osbaston osbeckia osbertia osbornia osbourne osbyholm oscaayer oscarito oscarnod oscarwao oschbrig oscheret osciecin oscillon oscinian oscinine oscitant oscitate osculant osculary osculate oscuriis osecnice osedalen oseliste osemotor osenbach oseredek osericta osetnica osevljek osh-avia oshabeni oshakati oshanite oshdalaq oshibana oshibori oshiguma oshikoto oshikuku oshinowo oshirogo oshivelo oshiwara oshman's oshtorak oshtoran oshumare osiczyna osidryas osieciny osieczek osieczki osieczna osieczno osieczow osiekowo osielsko osieries osilinus osilnica osinachi osinniki osinovka osintsev osipenko osireion osizweni osjecani oskanluy oskardow oskorusa oslavany oslavice osleston oslonett oslonino oslosolo oslowice oslyabya oslyanka osmakova osmanbey osmaneli osmaniye osmanlar osmanlis osmaston osmazome osmerids osmiamic osmicate osmitrol osmiuret osmocene osmogene osmolice osmolino osmolite osmolyte osmosing osmostat osmotica osmundas osmundus osmylids osnaburg osoberry osoblaha osobloga osobnica osogovka osojnica osokorky osolemio osophies osowicze osowskie ospedale osperaye ospringe osrhaene ossatron ossature osseiran osselets osseters ossetian ossetine ossianic ossicles ossicone ossicula ossicule ossified ossifier ossifies ossiform ossineke ossingen ossining ossobuco ossolano ossonoba ossowice ossowski ossuccio ostalgia ostalgie ostalpha ostansjo ostarije ostaszow ostavall ostedijk osteitic osteitis ostelere ostenaco ostended ostensor osteogen osteoids osteomas osteomed osteonal osteones osteozoa osterbek osterley osterloh osterman osterode osteroey ostfold osthafen osthamra ostheide osthofen osthopis osthouse osthryth ostiense ostiglia ostinati ostinato ostiolar ostioles ostkreuz ostlerie ostmarch ostmarks ostmesse ostojici ostomate ostomies ostoyour ostracea ostraco- ostracod ostracon ostracum ostrakia ostrakon ostredek ostredok ostreger ostreids ostreina ostreoid ostreola ostrezna ostridge ostrinia ostroda ostromer ostromir ostropel ostropol ostrorog ostrovec ostrowaz ostrowce ostrowek ostrowie ostrowik ostrowin ostrowka ostrowki ostrozki ostrozna ostrozne ostrozno ostrozub ostruble ostrusza ostruzna ostruzno ostrvica ostrybor ostrycch ostrykol ostrynka ostuacan osumenyi osumgame osunlade osvajaci osvaldas osvracin oswaldia osweiler oswestry oswiecim oszkinie osztopan

Word usage examples

Her hat wuz drab-colored felt with some loose ribbon bows a hangin' down on it, and some soft ostridge tips.

Marcus had had a brief altercation with the taker of ostraka at the entrance, not wishing to pay an entrance fee, or at least the entire entrance fee, for a slave.

I winced as Mirus snapped one of the ostraka in two, giving half to the purchaser and throwing the other half into Aynur's bowl.

Surely those of you who have already purchased one or more ostraka can appreciate the weight of this consideration.

Delving deeply into the bowl she lifted up handfuls of ostraka again and again, each time letting them fall like showers back into the bowl.

When I had knelt before a post, my hands behind me, chained back about the post, a helmet beside me, set in the sand, like a vessel, into which ostraka would be placed, men had come to look upon me.

He referred to a practice of handing out passes, dated ostraka bearing the print of the House of Cernus, outside the gate of the Slaver's house, which were dispensed on a first-come-first-served basis, a thousand a day, each day of the races.

His hands full of papyrus rolls and ostraca, Kysen gave him a look of inquiry.

I had not realized, until I overheard the conversation between Walter and Ramses about the masses of ostraca we had found, how badly Ramses wanted to get at those texts.

He knew as surely as if he had seen them that there were more papyri hidden under that sterile surfacemore ostraca, more stelaenew inscriptions, perhaps even the missing fragments of some of the tantalizingly incomplete texts he had translated.