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Word usage examples

The book-keeper sat at her desk with a sandwich, apple, and a carton of milk neatly arranged in front of her, while Mrs Merriman picked at something in a plastic container she must have brought in from a fast-food place.

It was the sound of the besieging Dark, which he had heard outside the Manor Hall where he had sat with Merriman and the Lady, in some century unknown.

Then instinctively they drew to one side, to let Merriman and Captain Toms study the grail and manuscript together.

He remembered that Merriman had said, long before, that the most dangerous peak of the Dark's power would come at Twelfth Night.

The Merrimacs staggered away from the pumps, and fresh hands began plunging the levers up and down.

Anywhere, with over a thousand tons of cargo the Merrimac displaced fourteen hundred tons and fast, as well.

All ships have reported except for the Farragut, the Severna Park, and the Merrimac,” she said.

There was clear water beyond that last finger of granite reaching out to sea and the Merrimac wasn’t going to make it, not under that miserable jury-rig.

The Merrimac was a lot heavier, and it was good in a way that they had a trial run first.

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