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Word usage examples

Asaverus, envergonhado, repetiu a palavra, agora mais alto, para advertir o contra-regra, mas ainda nada.

Maren traversed every street of Alameda, crisscrossing the banana-shaped island, even going down Eagle Avenue and the tattered neighborhood of her childhood.

For all I know, she could be a contemporary Mata Han with a secret agenda that forebodes ill for the future Kappa Theta Eta alumnae pool.

He often escorted and protected the halfling through the dangerous first legs of the journey from Lonelywood, around the open tundra north of Maer Dualdon and down toward Bryn Shander, when Regis went to the principle city for business or council meetings.

El Rei, para que possa mandar um exercito que, se desfiler pelo deserto e pelas montonhas e mesmo sobrepujar os bravos Kukuanes e suas artes diabolicas, pelo que se deviam trazer muitos padres Far o Rei mais rico depois de Salomao Com meus proprios olhos ve os di amantes sem conto guardados nas camaras do thesouro de Salomao a traz da morte branca, mas pela traicao de Gagoal a feiticeira achadora, nada poderia levar, e apenas a minha vida.

Maren Bickers, licensed court reporter and notary public for the county of Oakland, state of Michigan, under contract to Coyne Cose et al.

CHAPTER XVII Berne--La Mata Madame de la Saone--Sara--My Departure--Arrival at Bale I reached an elevation from which I could look over a vast stretch of country watered by a little river, and noticing a path leading to a kind of stair, the fancy took me to follow it.

I was affected in a lively manner by the spectacle, and re-entered my lodging so inflamed that if my dear Dubois had not been at hand to quench my fire I should have been obliged to have extinguished it in the baths of La mata.

El hombre mas maslisimo was surely Captain Stecker, who had made Hinch a greater thief than he had ever been, and then brought him on the flight to silence the story of their crimes.

Charley started to pull at Ma, who began to laugh with huge jellified ripples.