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Word usage examples

CHAPTER XV The pity which Jed felt for Phineas Babbitt caused him to keep silent concerning his Thanksgiving evening interview with the hardware dealer.

Jed had taken one long stride to where Babbitt was standing, seized the furious little creature by the right arm with one hand and with the other covered his open mouth, covered not only the mouth, but a large section of face as well.

After a few seconds we were outside the station, dropping down the Beanstalk after Jen and Larry.

Not for a moment did Hugh think that Jer might tell Bids, or worse, her grim father, that his brother was promised to a girl in Trafalgar.

Hugh was going to make up to Bids Tookey again, and he, Jer, would never have a home with his brother.

He told her about Bids Tookey passing through on her way to Sydney, and Jer carrying his farewell.

Amy watched now as Jed turned away from the bigeye to follow a small school of exotic blue and yellow butterfly fish.

I hoped that Jen and Larry would keep their attention up, watching an endless succession of buckets flash past them and checking each one for radioactivity count.

Jen, Claus knew, cared for the shapes of nonmammalian life even less than he did.

Jen, Claus knew, cared for the shapes of non-mammalian life even less than he did.