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Word usage examples

But Asey had jumped out and was making a beeline for the minister, hoeing in his garden.

I had better have been in my warm bed and asleep, considering the hoeing I must give my corn-field to-morrow, than be watching a skeary Indian and a woman.

Me and the niggers hoeing weeds was stunned by the weight of that white sky that sank so low over the mangrove in the summer, but Mister Watson was singing his old songs.

The difference in favor of superphosphate, at the time of hoeing, was very perceptible, even at some distance.

They worked in short sections, Burton hoeing a trench while Veronique followed, dropping in the potatoes at regular intervals.

After having observed the women of his clan carrying babies in cradleboards on their back while hoeing corn or carrying wood, she failed to understand how he could justify such a statement.

Shabalala dematerialized, Keogh turned his gaze back toward Orta, who was still struggling with the hoeing machine.

They would come down from those watchtowers and take our young women out from the fields when they were hoeing the maize and harvesting the sunflowers, or grab them when they were gathering mussels in the rivers.

Tapping his swagger-stick against his thigh, Peter Fungabera walked slowly down the ragged rank of villagers that his troopers had gathered in from their hoeing on the maize fields and had flushed from the huts.

At work hoeing among the 'kelk' or 'kilk,' the bright yellow charlock, the labourers stood up as the cuckoo flew over singing, and blew cuckoo back to him in their hollow fists.