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Hoeven is a village in the municipality of Halderberge in the Netherlands. The name Hoeven originated from the purchase of a certain amount of ground in 1282 by the abbey of Cistercienser of St. Bernard. This amount was equal to 100 "hoeven", a local measure of area in those days. A hoeve is approximately 12 bunder. A "bunder" equals the area of the average agricultural farm in the Netherlands.

Hoeven (disambiguation)

Hoeven may refer to:

  • Charles B. Hoeven (1895–1980), American politician
  • John Hoeven (born 1957), United States Senator from North Dakota

Hoeven may also refer to several locations in the Netherlands:

  • Hoeven, a town in Halderberge
  • Hoeven, Gemert-Bakel
  • Hoeven, Sint Anthonis
  • Hoeven, Limburg