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Word usage examples

We'll start this off with a whispering campaign among the hobos, send it over the grapevine.

This was spring, and hobos showed up most frequently in Derry from late September to early November.

In Lewiston they were worried about tramps and hobos and that something called "the bonus army" would join up with something they called "the Communist riffraff army," by which they meant any man who was out of work.

It was only a house now, smelling damp and a little rotten, an unfurnished house where winos and hobos sometimes came to drink and talk and sleep out of the rain.

Us hobos got to help each other out-it's a tough enough life as it is.

The four crewmen who ran the caboose were not evil men, but when they had gone after the hobos they had swung their bats with actual glee, as if knocking helpless men over the head were sport.

For reasons beyond explaining, it touched me terribly that amid all my troublesfears for my future, guilt about Hoble, my heartbreak over Sonny-Nile had found this moment to finally regard me with trust.

I sustain the objection and Hoble retreats to his notes to seek another subject, once again short of success.

Hobie had even been to the medical examinees office to look at the records.

Hobie was now convinced that refined sugar was the product of a ruthless oligopoly, the subjugators of Cuba and Hawaii, who had purified their product in order to addict children, while appealing to the basic racist subtext of American life by turning a brown commodity white.