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Hobie may refer to:

As a given name or nickname:

  • Hobart Alter (1933-2014), a founding pioneer in the surfboard shaping industry
  • Hobie Billingsley, American diver and coach, member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame
  • Chapman Hobart Hobie Kitchen (born 1904), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Hobart Hobie Landrith (born 1930), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Hobie Brown, the first Prowler (comics), a Marvel Comics superhero
  • Hobie Buchannon, a fictional character on the TV series Baywatch

Other uses:

  • Hobie cat, a small sailing catamaran manufactured by the company founded by Alter
  • Thomas Posthumous Hoby (1566-1640), English politician whose last name is sometimes spelled Hobie

Usage examples of "hobie".

Hobie had even been to the medical examinees office to look at the records.

Hobie was now convinced that refined sugar was the product of a ruthless oligopoly, the subjugators of Cuba and Hawaii, who had purified their product in order to addict children, while appealing to the basic racist subtext of American life by turning a brown commodity white.

Some of Danny Coughlin must have still been on his face when he returned to the lounge, because Rosario looked alarmed and Jimmy shrank in his seat, and even Hobie, the old Doorman, blinked his eyes.

Hobie urged his horse forward until he was alongside Webb, facing him almost knee to knee.

As they left the house yard, Webb rode on the outside next to Hobie Evans.

Hobie stopped in front of Webb, addressing him in a derisive challenge.

Tommy told Hobie the first witness would be Lovinia Campbell, the young homegirl who ended up as another victim of the shooting, but Molto says the transport deputies have failed to deliver her, as they often do.

I tell Molto that I want to hear objections only from the lawyer who questioned the witness, meaning Singh, then direct Hobie to explain his line of inquiry.

So it means the notion Molto offered two days ago which I scoffed at is actually possible: Hobie could have been the source of the very leak for which he blasted the state on the first day of the trial, the story revealing that Eddgar was the target of the shooting.

Finally, the stragglers he is awaiting arrive-Tommy Molto, hurrying, and last, Hobie, with a harassed expression.

The half-breed Bob Sheephead sauntered over to where Hobie Evans was repairing a weak cinch strap.

With his long nail, Hardcore describes the distance between Hobie and him.

He grabbed his Hobie seabag off the floor and began frantically jamming things into it.

Hobie listened quietly, only occasionally asking for clarification of a detail.

But I have to admire his control, the Hobie leaping and bucking, slicing the tops off waves as it overtakes them.