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Word usage examples

Hank Sterling, the blond, square-jawed chief engineer of Enterprises, and Arvid Hanson, a hulking master craftsman who helped build the prototypes of the Swifts' inventions, hailed Tom as he climbed out of the jeep.

hanson had suddenly turned on the current of an induction coil and I had been holding the handles I don't think the thrill I received could have been any more sudden.

This morning, Lieutenant Commander Hanson, on routine patrol, spotted a PLA helicopter firing on an unarmed American pleasure boat in international waters.

From immediately under the top Jack threaded Hanson up through the lubber's hole, himself taking the backward-leaning futtock-shrouds and dropping from the rail to join him.

About two that afternoon, right after wed come back from the lumber yard with nails and stuff, Hanson pulled up in Uncle Chesters driveway and got out.

The only occasions upon which Jack was less than kind were those upon which the young Chileans showed a really grave ignorance of navigation, of determining the ship's course and position by the principles of geometry and nautical astronomy: here he found Daniel and hanson of the greatest use, and although a lunar observation was harder to understand than a sheet-bend, most of the young men were convinced of the subject's importance, and several learnt to take the sun's altitude at noon.

After Hanson had left a message canceling her regular session Matthews had called Megan and told her he was taking over Hanson’s patients.

Hanson, the original medicine which your son took is a simple compound meant to relieve heavy otolaryngological congestion.

Hanson who stood over you when you were pistolled by the main hatchway and who gave some shrewd blows: but I daresay you remember that.

Hanson full in the face, and for a heartbeat the two of them appeared to be the poster children for Significant Pauses everywhere.