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Word usage examples

Hearing the synchronized voices repeat the same formulas, evasive, affectless, cut off from whatever they had once been by promises of what they would never get to collect on?

Felix, who disdained even to give an evasive answer, was at length beheaded at Venusia, in Lucania, a place on which the birth of Horace has conferred fame.

Havermeyer was a lead bombardier who never took evasive action going in to the target and thereby increased the danger of all the men who flew in the same formation with him.

Everybody, understanding the shrewdness of this evasive answer, laughed again, and Juliette herself could not help joining in the general merriment.

There, under two green umbrellas, like two fat rajahs in their shaking howdahs upon the backs of two white elephants, the friends would sit in solemn equanimity awaiting the evasive cunner, the vagrant perch or cod or the occasional flirtatious eel.

Equally ponderous and evasive, Don is one of the many middlemen hired to interpose between Hef and the outside world.

Horrified, Lala automatically began evasive action in her Elmeth and concentrated her thoughts on the missiles.

Voices, commands, laughter: for an hour activity prevailed in the nihilation area, while the target plane flew over the city again from the sea side, slipped away from the searchlights, and, caught again, became a Platonic target: The Number 6 manned the fuze setter, trying with cranks to make two mechanical pointers coincide with two electrical pointers and unflinchingly nihilating the evasive essent.

Stella grew evasive about her teens, or what had brought her to the carnival where Johnny had found her, but she talked freely about the work she had done.

Twisting the control stick, he began evasive maneuvers, tilting the plane to the right, then the left, veering, spinning, diving: Other guards began shooting.