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Word usage examples

Harry and I scrambled out of the calash and faced a brilliant white expanse of marble that might have given Nansen and Peary some uneasy moments.

As the calashes proved more uncomfortable than the mules, Adams, Dana, and Thaxter chose to go by mule most of the way.

Behind it stood a round-eyed maiden, all aghast at the honourable company of calashes, who marched in without a word.

As they drew near the steamboat wharf they saw, swarming over a broad square, a market beside which the Bonsecours Market would have shown as common as the Quincy, and up the odd wooden-sidewalked street stretched an aisle of carriages and those high swung calashes, which are to Quebec what the gondolas are to Venice.

And the Injuns that used to howl round it, have all follered on the trail of that calash, and gone on, on, out of sight.

I see by the professional jargon of this bill, and a silk calash for a lady.

Pathfinder, to be able to make an offering of that calash to Mabel Dunham.

The calash was in the hands of the latter when the Quartermaster approached, and with a polite air of cordiality he wished his successful rival joy of his victory.

It is a pretty and a becoming calash, and ought not to be thrown away.

Mabel was returning along the low flat rocks that line the shore of the lake, dangling her pretty calash from a prettier finger, when Pathfinder met her.