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Word usage examples

In this view, then, the rise of Ross Perot is the inevitable Caesarist quest for a capable outside figure who can straighten out the corrupt system.

Cambon and his critics in the Convention it was flagrant evidence of a Caesarist plot.

As to his public character, however, no agreement is possible between those who regard Caesarism as a great political creation, and those who hold that Caesar by destroying liberty lost a great opportunity and crushed the sense of dignity in mankind.

We also fell into general human things, sternly discussed the future destiny of Europe and of mankind, prophesied doctrinarily that after Caesarism France would fall at once to the level of a secondary state, which we were quite sure could come about terribly quickly and easily.

Placed in the crucible of Nietzschean philosophy, rebellion, in the intoxication of freedom, ends in biological or historical Caesarism.

Resurgence of Authority and Caesarism, the counterparts of skepsis and rebirth of religion.

In predicting that the West will reach Caesarism by 2000, Spengler is predicting the end of such institutions in the West utterly without regard to any external conflict.

In fact Doctor Benway delivered him by Caesarian section from a Holy Man in Mecca.

In order to do this, we must return to the practices and beliefs of the original inhabitants of the islands--the Keltic peoples who had them by right at the time of the Caesarian invasion of 55 B.

Indian doctors performed Caesarian operations, trephined for brain surgery and used anesthetics.