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For the Doctor Who audio drama see Caerdroia (Doctor Who audio).

Caerdroia: the Welsh name for ancient Troy (variations include Caer Droia and Caer Droea); because of the similarity between Welsh troeau (a plural form of tro "turn") and the second element Troea (Troy), the name was later popularly interpreted as meaning "Fortress of Turns" (caer = "fort"). In medieval times a Caerdroia was a turf labyrinth usually in the sevenfold Cretan Labyrinth design. They were created by shepherds on hilltops and were apparently the setting for ritual dances the nature of which have been lost. However, at the centre of each Caerdroia was a small hillock—in Welsh, "twmpath." A gathering for folk dancing in Wales is still called a "twmpath dawns."

Caerdroia (audio drama)

Caerdroia is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is part of the "Divergent Universe" saga which continued until The Next Life.