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Word usage examples

But in vain we scraped together every penny we could get, For they fixed us with their boycott, and the plant was seized for debt.

Gulam Nohiuddin has resigned his Honorary Magistrateship, I hope that both these patriots will not consider that they have done their last duty by their acts of renunciation, but I hope they will regard their acts as a prelude to acts of greater purpose and greater energy and I hope they will take in hand the work of educating the electorate in their districts regarding boycott of councils.

Overt Birth Control knowledge had been successfully banned, though this produced no effect in the decline in population, and the Modern State nuclei had been boycotted more effectually there than in any other part of the world.

We have a notable example of this in the boycott which the Typographical Society has proclaimed against The Dawn.

The Dawn office gives whole or partial employment to about ten women, working either on this journal or in the printing business, and the fact that women are earning an honest living in a business hitherto monopolised by men, is the reason why the Typographical Association, and all the affiliated societies it can influence, have resolved to boycott The Dawn.

Without unity with the assimilationist Jews, including the Communists, as well as Gentile anti-Nazis, they could never begin to harm the Nazis either through the boycott or any other way.

Many particular contracts had Hortator mandates written into the fine print, including clauses requiring the users to cooperate with embargoes and boycotts.

At the start of our war and subsequent boycott against Iraq, a few hundred children younger than five were killed each month by respiratory infections, malnutrition, and diarrheal illnesses.

The protest spread overnight to Shanghai, Nanking, Hankow and Canton, with shops closing everywhere as students swept through the streets calling for the boycott.

Shortly after surrender, students at a high school in Mito city at-tracted nationwide attention by boycotting classes and forcing their militaristic principal to resign.