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n. (context slang English) The penis of a young man.

Usage examples of "boycock".

As I closed my door, I began to imagine this, picturing the boy laying in bed, his jockey shorts around his knees, stroking his smooth boycock and squeezing his hairless balls.

His boycock was just a few inches long, circumcised, and as hard as a bar of iron.

I heard him let out another little gasp as my lips made contact with his hard boycock.

We lay together for a while, and then he rolled off of me, his hard little boycock twitching with anticipation.

It looked like a real penis, not much bigger than Billy’s boycock, with veins and bumps along the shaft and a small mushroom-shaped head.

As I stroked his hard young boycock he fondled my breasts through the slippery chocolate satin chemise.

The dream had left me pretty horny, and I briefly thought about sucking Chris’s hard little boycock, but decided not to.

I reached into his shorts, gently fondling his hard boycock and fishing it out.

My head bobbed above his thighs, engulfing and releasing his glistening boycock with my mouth.

Manny’s man-sized cock dwarfed Billy’s stiff boycock, but by angling them just right, I got the tips to roughly line up.

When Manny’s member was buried to the hilt, I took the lotion from Billy and squeezed some on his stiff boycock, spreading it around until he was nice and slippery.

I heard him gasp and felt him tighten his grip on my shoulders, his boycock twitching in my bottom as he came.

I was too wasted to move, so I just lay there, letting him hump me, his hard little boycock sliding in and out of my messy snatch.

Billy leaned back in the tub, having finished lathering my back, but I kept both hands on his cock and balls, cupping his hairless nuts as I stroked his smooth young boycock.

It dripped off of the soapy tip of his boycock and landed in the water.