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benjaman benjamin benjarry

Word usage examples

Benjamin had exhibits to back it up, copies of his federal income tax returns for the last five years, and a financial statement detailing his assets and liabilities.

Bishop Bisse in 1717, and above it a Decorated window containing a stained glass representation of the Last Supper after the picture by Benjamin West.

Many thanks to Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Barbara Cabot, SWAT officer Matt Cabot, Josh Horowitz, Michele Jaffe, Laura Langlie, Abby McAden, Ericka Markman, Ron Markman, David Walton, and Benjamin Egnatz.

Englishmen held to the view of Americans as uncouth obstreperous trouble-makers, regardless of the example in their midst, among others, of Benjamin Franklin, as variously talented and politically sophisticated as anyone in Europe, and thoroughly dedicated to the goal of reconciliation.

Sir Benjamin Brodie speaks of it as being well known that the inoculation of lymph or pus from the peritoneum of a puerperal patient is often attended with dangerous and even fatal symptoms.

Sir Benjamin, as he too dismounted, and tossed his reins to Dig weed, who had appeared to take Atlas and Periwinkle to their breakfast.

These seemed perhaps the least of his accomplishments: he was also a poet, a jurist, a polyhistor, a classicist, and an indefatigable scholar whose powers would recommend him to such as Benjamin Franklin, Edmund Burke, William Pitt, and Samuel Johnson.

Old Parson knows, the whole village knows, Dig weed knows that I am porteress of the Moonacre Gate, but Sir Benjamin does not know.

Sir Benjamin made her porteress so that she should have a comfortable home.

Sir Benjamin had made her porteress and then she had quarreled with him too.