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Word usage examples

He had been in communication with King Bela of Hungary and Tzar Ivan Asen II of the Bulgarian Empire.

Tzar can reconcile himself to going against the majority of his nobles and abolishing serfdom, millions of Russians will continue to be owned by only a select few.

He was a Russian Jew, he said, one of the millions of the largest Jewry in the world that had been 'frozen' for over a century in the notorious Pale of Settlement, and in 1905 had been forced to flee with his father - leaving mother and two brothers behind - to escape the ruthless massacres carried out by the 'Black Hundreds' at the behest of the last of the Romanoff Tzars who was seeking scapegoats for his crushing defeat by the Japanese.

A pale, petite woman with long auburn hair, she wore the drab blue one-piece uniform with the flag of Izar emblazoned over the heart that indicated an Izarian peace officer.

Spiru commented under his breath as Izar and another crew member huddled over the controls of the inner door.

And over there in that corner, Garth of Izar might have leaned against that wall and developed new strategies.

Korrd, Garth of Izar, or Shaitani would have wrenched victory from the jaws of even this defeat.

She almost felt guilty about pressing the trainees this hard until she remembered her own training as a peace officer on Izar, more than a decade earlier.

Me agarré obstinadamente a la pared peligrosamente abrupta y conseguí izar mi cuerpo lacerado y dolorido hasta la cornisa, donde que quedé tumbado, mirando a mis perseguidores un poco más abajo.

The Earl of Aberdeen and the whole Peelite section of the cabinet were believed to be too friendly to the czar, and adopting a policy unworthy of English greatness and of English honour.