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n. The ninth solar month of the Persian calendar.


Azar (, ) is the ninth month of the Iranian calendar. Azar has thirty days. It begins in November and ends in December by the Gregorian calendar.

Azar is the third month of autumn, and is followed by Dey.

Azar (disambiguation)

Azar is a common given name and surname in English, in Arabic (written as عازار) and in Persian (written as آذر)

It may refer to:

Usage examples of "azar".

When Azar said nothing, Julia turned her head and looked at her, perplexed.

Julia promised herself she would never tell Azar what she had done to a slave girl who had done nothing wrong but love her.

All I do know is sometimes I get lonely, Lady Azar, so lonely I crave the life I had with Primus.

She lay back and curled on her side, looking at Azar expectantly, like a child awaiting a bedtime story.

She hoped Azar would forgive her abruptness, but she did have appearances to make.

She put her hand out, and Azar gave her the support she needed to rise from the couch.

The way Azar said it, the situation sounded hopeful rather than the last of numerous disasters.

Sluggish and disoriented, he turned his head and saw Azar sitting beside his sleeping couch.

When Azar turned her head away, he wondered if his appearace bothered her.

The girl quickly obeyed and departed, stepping past Azar as she entered the room.

She held her hand out and Azar took it, sitting on the edge of the sleeping couch.

Chapter 46 Julia finally slept, and Azar left Lavinnia to watch over her so that she could go down to the alcove in the peristyle and pray in solitude.

He saw the way Azar wove her fingers together tightly and wondered what agitated her so about his story.

His eyes burned, for Julia was right: Azar was very much like Hadassah.

A movement caught his eye, and he glanced up to see Azar making her way laboriously down the steps.