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buwaysh byrnysh dovbysh florysh goteysh havrysh hobeysh hoveysh hunfysh karmysh keldysh koheysh landysh mantysh marrysh pullysh quraysh ronnysh trahysh

Word usage examples

Muhammad--a merchant of the Hashimite branch of the ruling Quraysh tribe in the Arabian town of Mecca--began to preach the first of a series of revelations granted him by God through the angel Gabriel.

The dominant school for Iraqi Sunni Kurds is that of Imam Abu Abd Allah Muhammad Shafii of the Quraysh tribe of the Prophet, born in A.

Adam, Arabic began as a relatively late dialect in the north-western region of the Arabian peninsula, where it happened to be spoken by the Quraysh aristocracy, into which Muhammad was born.

Arab merchants and traders had thought the situation secure for them, with Eon married to a princess of the Quraysh and the succession running through his half-Arab son.

The Hijaz, as it was called, the area north of Yemen that was dominated by the Quraysh tribe.

Outnumbered three to one, his fighters defeated the Quraysh in 627 at the Battle of the Trench, outside Medina.