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Word usage examples

The Deified Makarska Vis lingered for a moment, glaring at him with a displeasure almost too intense for an electronic entity.

Starbase, Turtle feared, was a prison where they would serve life sentences for having offended the Deified Makarska Vis.

It was certain he would be reelected Dictat if he stood, and almost as certain that the Deified Makarska Vis would bow before a motion of censure from the Deified.

Starbase, the Deified Makarska Vis put three guests of mine off the Guardship.

She argued, but did not carp or collude or try to rally the opinions of others, as the Deified had become accustomed to do since Makarska vis introduced the spirit of divisiveness.

For a moment Yatima wondered if the clouds had been seared away, but as vis eyes desaturated and adjusted their response ve could see that the light was shining right through.

Quorum etsi paucitatem contemnebat, tamen pertinaciam magna poena esse adficiendam iudicabat, ne universa Gallia non sibi vires defuisse ad resistendum Romanis, sed constantiam putaret, neve hoc exemplo ceterae civitates locorum opportunitate fretae se vindicarent in libertatem, cum omnibus Gallis notum esse sciret reliquam esse unam aestatem suae provinciae, quam si sustinere potuissent, nullum ultra periculum vererentur.

That she did so was the sole responsibility of le Chevalier Marc Marcel de Montjoie de Vires, who had seen to it that despite the long enforced stay in Livorno, the ship was kept ready for seafully watered, victualed, and supplied at all timeswith no more than half of her officers and crew absent at any one time.

Your Grace, himself, le Chevalier Marc Marcel de Montjoie de Vires, and one solitary FitzGerald, a guardsman named Sean something or other, who will be about as outclassed on such a council as a lapdog among as many boarhounds.

The Apulian praises indeed his validas vires, probitas animi, and vivida virtus.