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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vis \Vis\, n.

  1. Force; power.

  2. (Law)

    1. Physical force.

    2. Moral power. Principle of vis viva (Mech.), the principle that the difference between the aggregate work of the accelerating forces of a system and that of the retarding forces is equal to one half the vis viva accumulated or lost in the system while the work is being done. Vis impressa [L.] (Mech.), force exerted, as in moving a body, or changing the direction of its motion; impressed force. Vis inerti[ae]. [L.]

      1. The resistance of matter, as when a body at rest is set in motion, or a body in motion is brought to rest, or has its motion changed, either in direction or in velocity.

      2. Inertness; inactivity.

        Note: Vis interti[ae] and inertia are not strictly synonymous. The former implies the resistance itself which is given, while the latter implies merely the property by which it is given.

        Vis mortua [L.] (Mech.), dead force; force doing no active work, but only producing pressure.

        Vis vit[ae], or Vis vitalis [L.] (Physiol.), vital force.

        Vis viva [L.] (Mech.), living force; the force of a body moving against resistance, or doing work, in distinction from vis mortua, or dead force; the kinetic energy of a moving body; the capacity of a moving body to do work by reason of its being in motion. See Kinetic energy, in the Note under Energy. The term vis viva is not usually understood to include that part of the kinetic energy of the body which is due to the vibrations of its molecules.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. Force; power. Etymology 2

n. (abbreviation of viscount English) Etymology 3

n. (alternative spelling of viss English)


Vis may refer to:

Vis (island)

Vis (; ; Latin: Issa, ) is a small Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. The farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland, Vis had a population of 3,460 in 2011 and has an area of . The highest point of the island is Hum which is above sea level. The island's two largest settlements are the town of Vis on the eastern side of the island (the settlement after which the island was originally named), and Komiža, on its western coast.

Once known for its thriving fishing industry in the late 19th and early 20th century, the main present-day industries on the island are agriculture and tourism. Vis town and Komiža are also seats of separate administrative municipalities which cover the entire island and nearby islets, which are both part of Split-Dalmatia County.

Vis (town)

Vis is a town on the eponymous island in the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. It has a population of 1,934 residents . The town is also the seat of the eponymous Vis municipality, one of the two municipalities on the island (the other one being Komiža) which both administratively belong to the Split-Dalmatia County.

VIS (criminal organisation)

Vasil Iliev Security, or VIS, was a security and insurance company in Bulgaria thought to be a front for a criminal organisation dealing in extortion, car theft, drug trafficking and more. Set up in the early 1990s by Vasil Iliev, the company was declared illegal in 1994 but continued operating under the new name of VIS-2.

VIS, along with its rival SIC, was made up primarily of ex-wrestlers, policemen and members of the security apparatus. As well as extortion rackets, the groups also worked in "car insurance" and theft. The capital they earned in the emerging Bulgarian economy of the 1990s allowed them to build huge influence amongst the government.

Vasil Iliev was assassinated on 25 April 1995. His brother Georgi Iliev became the new boss of the company, but was assassinated on 26 August 2005.

Vis (river)

The Vis is a long river in south-central France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon région, right tributary of the Hérault River. Its source is in the Cévennes, near the village of Alzon. It flows between the Causse du Larzac and the Causse de Blandas into the Hérault département and the Garddépartement. The Vis flows into the Hérault River near Ganges.

Vis (surname)

Vis is a Dutch metonymic occupational surname. Vis means "fish" and referred to a fisherman.

People with this surname include:

  • Caroline Vis (born 1970), Dutch tennis player
  • Fiderd Vis (born 1981), Aruban judoka
  • Jacob Vis (born 1940), Dutch novelist ( :de:Jacob Vis)
  • Lucas Vis (born 1947), Dutch conductor and composer ( :de:Lucas Vis)
  • Jan Vis (1933–2011), Dutch journalist, legal scholar, and politician
  • Judith Vis (born 1980), Dutch hurdler and heptathlete ( :nl:Judith Vis)
  • Marja Vis (born 1977), Dutch speed skater
  • Rudi Vis (born 1941), Dutch-born British politician
  • Russell Vis (1900–1990), American wrestler
  • Willem Cornelis Vis (1924–1993), Dutch jurist and expert in international commercial transactions

Usage examples of "vis".

The Deified Makarska Vis lingered for a moment, glaring at him with a displeasure almost too intense for an electronic entity.

Starbase, Turtle feared, was a prison where they would serve life sentences for having offended the Deified Makarska Vis.

It was certain he would be reelected Dictat if he stood, and almost as certain that the Deified Makarska Vis would bow before a motion of censure from the Deified.

Starbase, the Deified Makarska Vis put three guests of mine off the Guardship.

She argued, but did not carp or collude or try to rally the opinions of others, as the Deified had become accustomed to do since Makarska Vis introduced the spirit of diVisiveness.

For a moment Yatima wondered if the clouds had been seared away, but as vis eyes desaturated and adjusted their response ve could see that the light was shining right through.

Quorum etsi paucitatem contemnebat, tamen pertinaciam magna poena esse adficiendam iudicabat, ne universa Gallia non sibi vires defuisse ad resistendum Romanis, sed constantiam putaret, neve hoc exemplo ceterae civitates locorum opportunitate fretae se vindicarent in libertatem, cum omnibus Gallis notum esse sciret reliquam esse unam aestatem suae provinciae, quam si sustinere potuissent, nullum ultra periculum vererentur.

That she did so was the sole responsibility of le Chevalier Marc Marcel de Montjoie de Vires, who had seen to it that despite the long enforced stay in Livorno, the ship was kept ready for seafully watered, victualed, and supplied at all timeswith no more than half of her officers and crew absent at any one time.

Your Grace, himself, le Chevalier Marc Marcel de Montjoie de Vires, and one solitary FitzGerald, a guardsman named Sean something or other, who will be about as outclassed on such a council as a lapdog among as many boarhounds.

The Apulian praises indeed his validas vires, probitas animi, and vivida virtus.

  Nostra fatiscat Laxaturque chelys, vires instigat alitque Tempestiva quies, major post otia virtus.

That she did so was the sole responsibility of Le Chevalier Marc Marcel de Montjoie de Vires, who had seen to it that despite the long enforced stay in Livorno, the ship was kept ready for sea—fully watered, victualed, and supplied at all times—with no more than half of her officers and crew absent at any one time.