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bouffe couffe douffe gluffe gnuffe gruffe hauffe knuffe louffe mouffe pouffe rouffe sauffe scuffe shuffe stuffe touffe uruffe

Word usage examples

Thys stuffe hathe he occupyed in the stide of greve paper for the space of more than these ten years, and yet hathe store ynough for as many years to come.

He pulled out the pouffe and sat on it with them propped on his knees.

Willie sat back on the pouffe and traced his finger over the pictures.

Tom handed him a towel, and after he had dried himself and had his hair rubbed and combed and had put his pyjamas on, he sat down on the pouffe by the armchair while Tom sat ready to tell him a story.

Sammy flopped down by the pouffe and Will plonked himself down beside him.

Ruby Lou and Boone, who were seated on a pouffe made of a large eraser.

When I came back from the kitchen she was sitting cross-legged on a tooled leather pouffe, brooding over the ivory and ebony chessboard.

And when he brushed his hand across the little frilly skirt the boy wore and lifted it just enough to see how beautiful and hairless and dusky-hued was the endowment beneath, there was nothing else in the world he could do save what he did do, pull the boy into a corner behind a large pouffe and have him.

Layton, curled on a pouffe by the fire, lifted a wicked little heart-shaped face alight with mischief.

His body was to be embalmed in the manner favoured by the pharaohs, dressed in his magical robes, his ring of power upon his nose-picking finger, and seated upon a Persian pouffe within a pyramidal coffin of gopher wood, embellished with topaz and lapis lazuli.