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Word usage examples

V-tach, he knows exactly what that is because he and Carla never miss an episode of ER, they even watch the reruns on TNT, and here come the paddles, here comes the goo, and one of the EMTs is wearing a gold crucifix around his neck, it brushes Jonesy's nose as old Mr EMT bends over what is essentially a dead body, and holy fuck he died in the ambulance!

Israeli paratrooper in Gaza once told me that he was patrolling the Shati refugee camp when a Palestinian boy came walking down the street wearing a T-shirt from his high school in Petach Tiqvah, the Brenner School.

Commodore had reformed the squadron into a single line abreast, except for the pair detached ahead.

Prince was negotiating with Washington, while his detached scouts sought far and wide over the Eastern States looking for anything resembling an aeronautic park.

Jesus, aiming to detach the mind from this world by concentrating on the horrors of hell, the saving truth of the gospel story, and the example of Christ.

They were employed by his agency, but he frequently sent them off on detached duty all over the country, to raid or spy in every known political or ameliorative gathering.

Esther Summerson is a lady, but she is so much besides that her ladyhood does not detach itself from her sainthood and her angelhood, so as to be conspicuous--if, indeed, conspicuousness may be properly predicated of the quality of a lady.

Count Janos Zichy and Count Antal Sigray, both of the opposition party, propagated a Christian Democratic program and demanded that the war be ended immediately on our side and that we detach ourselves from the Third Reich.

The result was that when the newcomer left the hotel with the cicerone, a man detached himself from the rest of the idlers, and without having been seen by the traveler, and appearing to excite no attention from the guide, followed the stranger with as much skill as a Parisian police agent would have used.

Machen arrived, because his cell was detached from its position at a bay on the farthest spar of Idlewild and towed around the side of the station by Arachno service personnel, at the ends of their long lines.