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Word usage examples

She is calling racism, sexism, class ism ageism, homophobia, and colonialism by the name of body hatred, and She is linking the politics of control back to the abuse of Flerself.

They bust the punks for drunkeness, rowdyism, hooligan ism and whatever else grease balls do.

At the rate this latter was taking place it seems probable that had he lived to write another novel on a theme similar to this, his hero would have been compelled to abandon his belief in Presbyterianism, Congregationalism, Methodism, or some other ism before he would be found worthy of being joined in the marriage relation to his Episcopalian bride.

Once get the church going, and with a preacher of the Dogtown school, to preach out and out transcendentalism, and another ism or two, and they could get up an opposition that would be popular with the people.

Magnetism, or Mesmerism, or Swedenborgianism, or Transcendentalism, or some other equally delicious ism, of the same species, and invariably patronized by one and the same species of people.

And if we 't blown most of the twentieth century on fascism and communism and the rest of the ism bullshit, maybe we tiM have built something decent, and besides, no matter at Taney says, Art Nouveau was the last really truly looking graphic-art movement.

Next week she intended to correct that omission, Still later that day, at dinner, Celia described her CSM experience and views to Andrew and he, as usual, had some wisdom to contribute.

What the CSM leader did not mention was either Celia or the information Celia had given her, namely that the FDA had already decided to forbid further use of all existing IN.

After almost a year there, I was posted back to Vietnam, this time replacing a 6RAR Company Sergeant Major, or CSM, who'd been evacuated home sick.

This was the cue for the deployment of the likes of WA CSM Narker, whose striding, bellowing, six‑foot‑six, eighteen‑stone figure, clutching an ar­mor‑plated Book, eight‑pound Bell, and specially reinforced Candle, could clear the veldt of adversaries faster than a Gatling gun.