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init. 1 (context military English) air-to-surface missile 2 (label en theatre) assistant stage manager


ASM may refer to:

Usage examples of "asm".

It explored his fingers, snuffling and blowing its great breaths on him in evident enthusiasm, flicking its ears as it had with the dowager, seeming not offended that he had no treat for it.

He had traveled no more than a hundred yards when he felt a presence and whirling about discovered an asm of eight fangs almost on his heels.

Nancia had never envisioned herself discussing something so personal with anybody, let alone a high ranking army officer, but something about General Questar-Benn's unassuming manner made intimate 104 Asms McCaffrey & Margaret Ball talk unthreatening and easy.

Second Fleet had declared a one hundred nautical mile free-fire zone around Task Force Twenty-One to give ample coverage against the fifty-mile range of the late-model Exocet ASMs of the Argentine Navy.

We were chronically undercapitalized (read "dirt-poor") and it fell to the ASM to understudy all the female roles.

Fucik's weather deck was lined with paratroopers, many holding hand-launched SAMs and hoping to intercept the incoming ASM.