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Word usage examples

Miss Lonelyhearts -- we never know him by any other name -- finally driven crazy by the letters and by his own helplessness, assaults his ungiving editor Shrike and disappears into the vessel of his own need just as the fee reader, juxtaposed against the shattered, the unsculptured, the desperate voices, could, were contempt and self-mockery to fail, himself fall into the abyss of his contempt.

Miss Lonelyhearts was just about as far as I could go in that first post-graduate summer.

All of that crazed and glacial detachment of the fee writer which was the necessary technique, just as Miss Lonelyhearts had had to laugh at his correspondents to do his job at all.

The Vedas, you must know, are the counterparts for the Hindu of the Torah for the Jew.

Their counterparts have turned up everywhere -- and yet, there was never such a garden, serpent, tree, or deluge.

These are the Buddhist counterparts of the cherubim stationed by Yahweh at the garden gate.

The religious literatures of the world abound in counterparts of those two great lives.

They are of the nature of divinities: and indeed all the gods and demons, Heavens and Hells, are in fact the cosmic counterparts of dream.

Vedas, you must know, are the counterparts for the Hindu of the Torah for the Jew.

The two men had somehow been as unmistakably cops as their Chicago counterparts, though this pair was dressed more sportily.