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n. (plural of lonelyheart English)


Lonelyhearts, also known as Miss Lonelyhearts, is a 1958 drama film directed by Vincent J. Donehue. It is based on the 1957 Broadway play by Howard Teichmann, which in turn is based on the 1933 novel Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West.

The film stars Montgomery Clift, Robert Ryan, Myrna Loy, Jackie Coogan, Dolores Hart, and Maureen Stapleton in her first film role. Stapleton was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as for a Golden Globe for her performance as Fay Doyle.

Lonelyhearts (Grimm episode)

"Lonelyhearts" is the 4th episode of the supernatural drama television series Grimm of season 1, which premiered on November 18, 2011, on NBC. The episode was written by supervising producer Alan DiFiore and co-executive producer Dan E. Fesman, and was directed by Michael Waxman.

Usage examples of "lonelyhearts".

Miss Lonelyhearts -- we never know him by any other name -- finally driven crazy by the letters and by his own helplessness, assaults his ungiving editor Shrike and disappears into the vessel of his own need just as the fee reader, juxtaposed against the shattered, the unsculptured, the desperate voices, could, were contempt and self-mockery to fail, himself fall into the abyss of his contempt.

Miss Lonelyhearts was just about as far as I could go in that first post-graduate summer.

All of that crazed and glacial detachment of the fee writer which was the necessary technique, just as Miss Lonelyhearts had had to laugh at his correspondents to do his job at all.