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Word usage examples

I remember the pitpat of their feet on the roof, and then one of them, that one particular child, peering in through the window.

I guess you know we’ve got assets in the ex-pat group here in America, and now we’ve got one in Ukraine, too.

So did the other kind of ex-pats who were out on Lantau, building the new airport.

But we were in Lockhart Road, Wanchai, with what felt like the rest of the ex-pat population.

Outside an ex-pat bar called the Fruity Ferret we saw a man in a rain-sodden tuxedo being head-butted by a youth in a torn West Ham away shirt.

A child from our village got terribly sick, and I wrangled a ride to the hospital via airplane from one of the American ex-pats living in these mountains.

A French ex-pat, Lartet ran an illegal bar and gambling casino from the basements of his various properties.

Whoever he was, he drank like all the other ex-pats in this part of Kazabek.

He thought it was funny that she might mistake him for a government agent, which meant that he was probably one of those ex-pats who had no loyalty to their former country, or to fellow Americans.

The fire was the smothered variety, cowpats heaped on burning wood to turn the pots in the centre of the fire a carbon-rich black.