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bowk dowk fowk gowk howk jowk lowk nowk powk rowk sowk towk

Word usage examples

Emperor Towk said he could not do that—but perhaps the Emperor merely wanted him and the other Chosen to undertake the mission, and knew that they would not do so if they had a real choice.

Emperor Towk will be dead and the Empire will answer to new leadership.

And Fletch and Lowk, you can both go with him, for being fools enough to step forward for a fool.

Did his enemies wish to see him howk out her grave with his own hands?

After his wife had died, and none came near him, and he was left to howk out her grave with his own hands, I gave him prisoners to bury her, and when he was done with them I set them free.

But at night he laid him down and slept: and then those two ran speedily together, and with fierce looks and eager hands they dug and howked a grave in the earth.

Johnny, watching as he howked up some phlegm and splattered it onto the concrete of what was the old terraced floor of the east stand.

Lord, what a sarcophagus I am, what a zany, what a gaby, what a doodle, what a dizzard, what a hoddy-doddy, what a tom-noddy, what a dunderpate, what a jobber-nowl, what a gowk!

I hope some time before we hear the gowk, to have the pleasure of seeing you at Kilmarnock: when I intend we shall have a gill between us, in a mutchkin stoup.

There he sits, -the illiterate, ill-deedy gowk, next to the Admiral's secretary.