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Usage examples of "fowk".

Do ye think fowk wash their flags afore they hing them oot, like sarks or sheets?

He spied some fowk marchin, an fancied he heeard A varry queer sooart ov a din.

Sometimes we are tempted to grummel an freeat, Becoss we goa short ov what other fowk get.

Old fowk an old sayins sometimes miss ther mark, For love shines aght breetest when all raand is dark.

Wine mellows wi age, an old pots fotch big brass, An fowk rave ov antique this an that, An they worship grey stooans, an old booans, but alas!

Aw hate fowk sanctimonious, whose humility is pride, Who, when they see a chap distressed, pass by on tother side!

Its for what us poor fowk wor invented,-- But awm blowed if aw think at its reight.

Well,--excitement sometimes will lead fowk astray, When they dooant meean owt wrang, but just rollikin play, But Leeds is a licker,--for tumult an din,-- For bullies an rowdies an brazzen-faced sin.

But ye see, he said the Lord was merciful to ither fowk whan he rendert to the wicked the punishment due to them.

Eh, guid fowk, keep him till I get a place to tak him til, and syne haudna him a meenute frae me!

But there would be fowk there to hauld them company, and the lads to egg them on.