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Word usage examples

Drac slipping into a totally clueless country full of porky people with good veins and all that.

Home Spices line, a cavalcade of body types from the buffed to the porky, sexual attributes in every size and shape, a true portrait of America at play.

The Americans tried to figure out why these island people liked Spam so much, and it turns out that nothing else approximates the taste of cooked human flesh like the salty porky taste of Spam.

He couldn't even beat Porky Logan, a gross man whose vote could be bought for fifty bucks, who bragged that he had not got beyond the seventh grade but that he could get more new roads and state money for Timucuan County than any half-baked radical, undoubtedly backed by the burrheads and the N.

And now, goddamit, he was not going to be dissuaded from it by this porky little pig.

Sure I do pro bono work, birth defects mainly, but the bread-andbutter is droopy breasts, hooter breasts, Dixie-cup breasts, bags under eyes, crow's-feet, jowls, turkey necks, liver spots, varicose veins, warts, acne scars, ripple thighs, love handles, hook noses, porky noses, double triple chins, sagging eyelids, sagging upper arms, sagging potbellies, sagging butts.

Georgetown condo was like something out of Gorky Park, policemen in clumsy thick overcoats lumbering in and out, reporters taking notes, fumbling with their ballpoints through heavy gloves.

Then, early one Sunday morning, having been desk-bound all the week and feeling in need of exercise, Vladimir decided to go for a walk in Gorky Park.

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO The Aragvi Restaurant was located on Gorky Street, just past Central Telegraph.

The melancholy roll-call of real-life suicides among the Abstract Expressionists again: Gorky by hanging in 1948, Pollock and then almost immediately Kitchen, by drunken driving and then pistol in 1956 -- and then Rothko with all possible messiness by knife in 1970.