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abelspora abusadora adaeudora adiaphora alliodora almanzora almassora alveopora amblymora anacleora anesidora angampora angophora angustora anthinora apiospora aplopsora apocleora archemora ascophora atelodora aulospora aurophora baeospora bahianora ballinora baltimora bandhgora bandipora bar-giora barrabora barracora batophora baviacora bergidora bheeloora bialogora brevibora canephora carnivora cataphora ceropsora chiengora choephora chrysaora cissuvora cladocora clytodora collabora crepipora cymophora cyrtopora cytospora daltopora dannemora dasiphora dasyphora dasyspora debiogora dellamora delpydora dinoprora diplopora diraphora doryphora durispora dziwogora echapora endophora epoophora eriophora eudiadora fatehpora ferozpora floradora florodora frugivora galianora ganochora goniopora gyrophora gyroprora hagnagora hallopora hamaspora heliopora hemiphora herbivora hiemalora homophora homospora humaniora hypophora hypoprora impostora inhacora iotaphora irenidora islandora isochlora ixyophora jeenagora jollydora juliflora kaashmora kaliphora khorkhora kilfenora kituldora kontagora kumirmora lamarmora larkipora larvivora lasiodora lednogora leiophora leptodora lesnogora lethapora linospora lisiogora lithodora lobophora lypothora m'tsora madrepora malephora maltecora manticora marticora megaflora megaspora mellivora mesochora metopiora metrodora micropora millepora mimoprora montipora morispora moshidora muscidora muscivora mycoflora myopitora myrionora nacophora nathipora nemophora neonomora neoophora neotheora nosophora nudiflora octachora octospora oecophora ogmophora olkinuora omphalora opinogora oryzivora ossancora ostrogora otiophora panchlora paraphora pasiflora paviflora pelecyora perachora perophora philenora pholisora phylapora piazadora pleospora pocophora podospora polychora polyspora polythora promotora prosphora psilopora ptyophora pubiflora ratnipora recophora redentora remispora renispora saccidora sagephora salvadora sangabora shibatora shum-gora sitophora sochchora spadafora spatafora splendora stenocora sweordora synchlora synempora teleflora thelidora tiliacora tirispora toonavora toxophora traponora trichlora tronadora tuscarora tylophora tylospora valdemora vermivora vindomora wahabpora wataddora wernyhora wiazogora wielogora wyszogora xenophora xenoprora xenospora xylochora yervamora zelengora ziziphora zoo/flora zvenigora zyziphora

Word usage examples

Tuscarora, though you do see Leni Lenapes and a few Shawanos with lighter hair.

His hair was dark brown rather than black, which I thought was unusual for a Tuscarora, though you do see Leni Lenapes and a few Shawanos with lighter hair.

Another Mohawk fell, and the remainder, ailer suffering horribly from the keen knife of Nick, as well as from blows received from each other, dragged themselves away, leaving the field to the Tuscarora.

Tuscarora in your company there, who has art and malice enough to spoil the character of any tribe with which he consorts, though he found the Mingos ready ruined to his hands, I fear.

They are the Onondagas, the Mohawks, Oneidas, Senecas, Cayugas, and Tuscaroras.

But Tuscarora warrior nebber take scalp of Tuscarora squaw and pappoose!

After them, in order of precedence, came the chiefs of the three junior nations, the Oneidas, Cayugas, and Tuscaroras.

Making a hurried gesture for the Tuscarora girl to conceal herself, Mabel sprang from the bushes and tripped up the glade towards the sound, and perceived that the whole party had just seated themselves at breakfast.

With a strong and constant demand for slaves from the colonies to the south, their seasonal predations on Shawnee, Tuscarora, Southern Cherokee, and Eastern Chickasaw clans and tribes had not only fattened their Cuban accounts, but had allowed them to clear more lands, bring in more colonists, and begin thus to produce more grain and suchlike than was needed by the settlements, this giving them other exports than slaves, furs, hides, timber and other natural products.

I dislocated my shoulder twice falling off Splendora, who had healed sound after the thorn incident.