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Word usage examples

Rookie came into the dugout, took off the Rookies cap, and mussed up his hair.

He and Donovan had made a crazy pact when they were rookies together, swearing to serve three decades and earn six stripes.

Well, they sure as shit must be paying rookies a whole lot more in New York than they are in Philly, judging by your slick set of wheels and those sharplooking clothes.

Esther and the two rookies remained at the apartment waiting for her to show, or ready to rush off should Jessica White call after spotting Pamela.

There was nothing a professional operative hated more than dealing with unpredictable rookies, who at times could turn out to be more dangerous than a trained assassin.

Normally he would have thought of them simply as guests of the hotel, but those two had stalked the Residence Inn in Baton Rouge the night before, and had also come out into the open in the morning, when the two rookies attempted to kidnap Pamela Sasser.

Those rookies needed local direction, and though the veteran female officer had what it took to turn havoc into order, she still would need some senior operatives to help her run the show smoothly.

Several hours had gone by and the rookies at the Paris Station had not heard from the seasoned operative.

She chose to take three rookies along, all FBI, all trained for this type of ambush.

I figured the holiday meant fewer doctors, and with rookies all over the place, the nurses in other parts of the hospital should be preoccupied, riding herd on the newcomers.