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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cooky \Cook"y\, n.; pl. Cookies. [Cf. D. koek cake, dim. koekje; akin to G. kuchen, E. cake; or cf. OE. coket, prob., a sort of cake, and prob. of French origin.] A small, flat, sweetened cake of various kinds.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant of cookie.


a. (misspelling of kooky English) n. (alternative spelling of cookie English)

  1. n. the cook on a ranch or at a camp [syn: cookie]

  2. any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term) [syn: cookie, biscuit]


Usage examples of "cooky".

I had five boxes of Fiddle Faddle, two bags of Double-Stuff Oreo cookies, a ten-pack of Snickers bars, two bags of Fritos and one of Doritos, seven Gogurts in a variety of flavors, one bag of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, a box of Count Chocula, a two-pound bag of Skittles, and a six-pack of Yoo-Hoo locked in my room.

He had, through it all, clung to his bag of Chips Ahoy cookies, and now he slipped one from the bag, and dunked it into his tea.

Porter Square, Cambridge because whenever he finished the last of the substances on hand he always threw out all his bongs and pipes, screens and tubes and rolling papers and roach clips, lighters and Visine and Pepto-Bismol and cookies and frosting, to eliminate all future temptation.

When Bubber was done with the plate he glanced toward the kitchen again, at the rest of the cookies on the stove.

Next to the swan-necked silver ewer containing the coffee rested a plate of sliced fresh fruit, a keep-warm basket filled with sweetened bread, and a three-tiered dish containing colorful miniature cakelets and cookies.

On the mantel over the fireplace were the homely little cookies that Rousseau had baked and sprinkled with caraway seed.

I obsess about sweets, and after dieting for a week I usually binge on cookies, candy, or cake.

She handed him the basket of cookies and fresh fruit that she had brought down from Dovetail and sat with him for an hour, talking about the things he enjoyed talking about, until she could see his attention wandering back toward the goggles.

The first time we went out together to litness, I had Thor with me in a foldable stroller, and I carried all the changes of clothes, diapers, jars of food, cookies, and Mo letters in a big bag on my shoulder.

The other, a chocolate cookie whose dark, fudgy essence and brownie-like texture I could already savor, I would call 911 Cookies - for chocolate emergencies.

Along each side of the long center aisle there were stalls selling yogurt with fruit topping, kielbasy on a roll with sauerkraut, lobster rolls, submarine sandwiches, French bread, country pate, Greek salad, sweet and sour chicken, baklava, cookies, bagels, oysters, cheese, fresh fruit on a stick, ice cream, cheesecake, barbecued chicken, pizza, doughnuts, cookies, galantine of duck, roast beef sandwiches with chutney on fresh-baked bread, bean sprouts, dried peaches, jumbo cashews and other nuts.

Janice had whipped up a Mexican gala out of cans and packages: a cold gazpacho, allowed to thaw to room temperature from its frozen state, small tamale pies, and bowls of spicy chili, with hot biscuits substituting for the missing tortillas, and topped off with lime sherbet and sesame cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies, Karo Syrup Easy Caramel Popcorn, or any of the five pecan pies on various other packages.