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booit cloit droit froit gloit groit nooit quoit scoit shoit stoit tdoit

Word usage examples

I decided to tell 4 I N stoit ato shakeouth, acnazyshakeoutrassitreas chis.

Raising his right arm with remarkable speed, he expertly spun a silver hoop around his raised index finger, then sent it whizzing through the air at Komananov, who flinched involuntarily only seconds before the razor-sharp quoit sliced through the blue-steel muzzle of her Makarov, halting its destructive flight only centimeters from her own gloved knuckles.

When she was near, the quoit flew from his arm with a stronger whirl, and his steps approached more swiftly to the destined goal.

Here a few shepherds, apart from the rest, flung the ponderous quoit that sung along the air.

His eyes are to be fixed upon the quoit which will be here, at this end of the canvas, opposite him.

Simply his hand, holding the quoit, will be faintly suggested, and the light allowed to fall through it.

Had I descried a quoit there about to descend upon me I should have been rather pleased than not.

Scarecrow and Jack Pumpkinhead were still playing at quoits in the courtyard when the game was interrupted by the abrupt entrance of the Royal Army of Oz, who came flying in without his hat or gun, his clothes in sad disarray and his long beard floating a yard behind him as he ran.

Majesty continued to throw the quoits as coolly as if no danger threatened his throne, but the Pumpkinhead, having caught sight of Tip, ambled toward the boy as fast as his wooden legs would go.

Old Coutts had gone up to bed with neuralgia, and Daphne and William were playing quoits tennis out of sight of the front door.