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In any case, the Thuriens had already commenced an intensive program of research into the matter, and whatever the precise form of the final answer, there seemed every chance that the Ents would come to put their unique abilities and nature to good use, and take their place in the Omniverse, alongside Terrans, Jevlenese, and Ganymeans.

And when the scientists got down to talking more about it, the apparent miracle-workings of some of the Ents began to sound less farfetched.

The Ents were composed at the elementary level of information-processing quanta, after all, and it did not seem so strange that they should be able to influence things around them by what they would perceive as thought.

The agents they sent to Earth included Ents, and the things the Ents talked about from their own past got mixed up with the real history going on around them.

That left one final mystery that the team felt should have at least a tentative explanation before they approached Calazar: How could the Ents have become aware that an Exoverse existed, and have managed to escape into it?

Through their ability to influence objects and events remotely as we have already seen, some of the Ents discovered how to draw these currents lower until they could intercept the flow directly.

Instead, the same principle of correspondence that caused emerged Ents to remember their past experiences in Exoversemeaningful terms would cause the surrogates to perceive their experiences in terms that were familiar.

Hunt, whatever the nature of the bound pattern of cells that VISAR had needed to commandeer to create his Ent-equivalent acceptable to other Ents, would look, to himself, like Huntmodified and appareled in whatever way VISAR judged appropriate to the circumstances that it discerned.

For all anyone outside knew, many of the Ents might want to stay there, and nobody was going to disagree with their right to do so.

But then, why should any future emergent Ents be limited to unsuitable human hosts at all?