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n. (plural of ant English)

Ants (given name)

Ants is an Estonian masculine given name and may refer to:

  • Ants Antson (born 1938), Estonian speed skater and Olympic medalist
  • Ants Eskola (1908–1989), Estonian actor and singer
  • Ants Laaneots (born 1948), Estonian military general, former Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces
  • Ants Laikmaa (1866-1942), Estonian painter
  • Ants Lauter (1894-1973), Estonian actor, theatre director and pedagogue
  • Ants Nuut, Estonian trombonist, vocalist and tuba player for the rock band Apelsin
  • Ants Oras (1900-1982), Estonian translator and writer
  • Ants Piip (1884–1942), Estonian lawyer, diplomat and politician
  • Ants Taul (born 1950), Estonian musician and instrument-maker

Usage examples of "ants".

But it was on the wrong side, back toward the ants, and he thought he should just rush past or maybe sneak by or maybe leap over the opposite wall.

ants still, more ants still in columns and rows and marching and they saw him and turned toward him, so many seeing and turning at once like they knew him personally and expected and as they burst through the gap he was past it with powered kick and stride.

The ants were swarming over the others, the dead and dying warriors, his fellows, his humans, being peeled open and apart by too many claws and pincers and mandibles snapping, plassteel shredding and no one getting a chance to fire enough to stop the peeling, shredding, swarming mandibles with globular eyes.

He threw another blazebomb into the ranks and it blew as he crouched, ants flying everywhere but still more and more from the cube in the sand, globular eyes, and he aimed more carefully and missed too much adrenalin but the next bomb flew true with a slight arcing trajectory only meters above their heads and down into them and right into the mouth of the cube, right on the upward sloping ramp, and blew just right.

He struck out wildly, shoving at die sand, trying desperately to keep from being buried, from disappearing beneath it forever, trapped and held by Banshee herself, fop her children the ants and more sand fell on him and around him and the ground trembled with a terrible sense of fragility and then it was over.

Because of clever positioning, the ants in the front ranks were clearly visible long before they reached the trenches.

But by then all was a mass of warfare and death and smoke and blistered ants and ruptured plassteel and some officer got smart and called for troops to move back and dig in at another spot.

He supposed that it might very well be composed of the same sort of material used to make the ants themselves.

He wondered if the same pattern would hold true for these ants, these three-meter tall ants.

Felix watched some two thousand ants boiling throughout the maze almost underneath him and thought about idiot officers and running away.

The bodies of the ants began to pile up and for a fleeting instant, Felix thought that they would get them all by killing the handful that could squeeze through effectively.

And then another and then there was a single line of scurrying, swarming ants coming at the barricade.

The blazerfire scorched the air over his head, slicing the relative handful of ants around him that had gotten through.

Walls of ants choking against the barricades, a seemingly endless supply.

If they could get everyone up there, the ants would be forced to bunch together to attack them.