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Word usage examples

When the boppers built the Nest, they buffed Maskeleyne G to a sheen so it collects light and sends it down into our great sublunar home.

The physicists, fascinated with the sublunar energy complex, would have been glad to stay longer and perhaps even to open up the stopped tunnels.

SPIRIT OF THE PITIES Meet is it, none the less, To bear in thought that though Its consciousness May be estranged, engrossed afar, or sealed, Sublunar shocks may wake Its watch anon?

Because the vacuum can be either interstitial, that is, between one body and another in our sublunar world, or else extended, beyond the universe that we see, closed by the great sphere of the celestial bodies.

The nova, the Aristotelians argued, must inhabit the sublunar sphere between the Earth and the Moon, where change was permissible.

It was drowned by the crunching, grinding and groaning of rock, and a low rumbling from the sublunar depths.

Here was flesh compromising with age--accepting its majesty, defying its decay--a sublunar assumption of immortality.

Though he more nearly justified the confident declaration of his people, he but proved that there is no sublunar immortality, though in Egypt--almost.

High slender arc lamps on giant flower stems send down a sublunar light by which the hurrying cars all appear purple.

His ivory statue was to be carried in the parade of the gods and have an identical pulvinar base.