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Word usage examples

So before the Anglo could get his own gun muzzle over the top edge of his improvised barricade, Longarm swung the muzzle of the Big Fifty up to fire a shot heard all across Puerto Periasco.

Gemma sitting on the couch beside this strange, doll-like woman with her heavy Puerto Rican accent, hearing her call Ianthe Apeiron a monster to her face, while the lady so accused placidly passed lemonade like a serving girl?

Puerto Rico and the Leeward Islands, Babcock could not avoid congratulating himself.

If I hurried I could make it to Puerto Banus with an hour or two of daylight left, so I did.

I left Puerto Banus without casting a glance in the direction of the Pelican.

There might be links stretching from our ram-raiders to Cakebread and Puerto Banus, but so far that was for the birds.

We had eighteen powerboats shifting two ton of heroin through Puerto Banus per month.

Spanish description is as follows: Esta baya de sanct lorenco y puerto de monte Rey descubrio el capan y cauo luis vaes de Torres a 10 de agosto del ano de 1606 y porser el puerto tanbueno lepuso este nombre.

Puerto Galera, a resort across from Batangas on the southern Philippine island of Luzon.

Black ghettos, Puerto Rican ghettos, ghettoization, science fiction ghetto .