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Word usage examples

She thought that the setting would be just right for a sappy Tricot perfume commercial.

A banana strain could be developed that would send the nylon and the tricot boys into panic, to say nothing of the fruit shippers.

Compiegne he followed the road across the Aronde and up through Mery and Tricot into Le Cardonnois.

Awian hardier than Mist, but why would he take his ship into a storm with only a tricot shirt and denim slacks for protection?

Begun by an actor--one of the Succot brothers, I believe--a generation ago, and adopted by the generality.

He even joked a little, his usual joke, about my clothes, about the sorcot and the chainse and the chauces I would need to wear to make a good figure among these Norman nobles, giving the French words an exaggerated inflection.

He wore a sorcot, underpants and braies same as everyone else, yet I stood hypnotized as one by one he discarded each piece while his diatribe against the French king continued unabated.

In the presence of his regiment, drawn up in the Beit-el-Mal, before his trembling bimbashi, whose lips were now pale with terror at the loss of his mascot, Mahommed Seti was drummed out of line, out of his regiment, out of the Beit-el-Mal.

I was surely the only canary who ever had been decorated for distinguished conduct under fire and that any regiment ought to be proud to claim me as a mascot.

Willie Wheelie had been the mascot for Nirvana Tires, who made tires for specialty vehicles.