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The Collaborative International Dictionary

chicot \chicot\ n. a handsome tree of central and eastern North America ( Gymnocladus dioica) having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute.

Syn: Kentucky coffee tree, bonduc, Gymnocladus dioica.


n. handsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute [syn: Kentucky coffee tree, bonduc, Gymnocladus dioica]

Chicot -- U.S. County in Arkansas
Population (2000): 14117
Housing Units (2000): 5974
Land area (2000): 644.027164 sq. miles (1668.022627 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 46.857441 sq. miles (121.360211 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 690.884605 sq. miles (1789.382838 sq. km)
Located within: Arkansas (AR), FIPS 05
Location: 33.309088 N, 91.309446 W
Chicot, AR
Chicot County
Chicot County, AR

Chicot (c. 1540—1592), real name Jean-Antoine d'Anglerais, was the jester of King Henry III of France and later Henry IV. He was sharp-tongued and very cunning and spoke with the king without formalities.

Usage examples of "chicot".

They also went to the health officer, who likewise promised, in order to oblige Maitre Chicot, to antedate the death certificate.

His name was Labouise, but he was called Chicot, and was in partnership with Maillochon, commonly called Mailloche, to practice the doubtful and undefined profession of junk-gatherers along the shore.

He lent me a skirt belonging to his servant, for I was almost in a state of nature, and he went to fetch Maitre Chicot, the country watchman who went to Criquetot to fetch the police who came to my house with me.

THE LITTLE CASK He was a tall man of forty or thereabout, this Jules Chicot, the innkeeper of Spreville, with a red face and a round stomach, and said by those who knew him to be a smart business man.

And she said no more, while Chicot watched her going on with her work.

When Chicot came again to receive her answer she declared, after a lot of persuading, that she could not make up her mind to agree to his proposal, though she was all the time trembling lest he should not consent to give the fifty crowns, but at last, when he grew urgent, she told him what she expected for her farm.

Almost before she had said it Chicot had poured her out another glassful.

Now you may believe it or not, but as sure as I am sitting here, he brought my boat a-tilting down through those awful snags at Chicot under a rattling head of steam, and the wind a-blowing like the very nation, at that!

One morning as he was eating his luncheon with the servants the door opened and the mayor of the commune, Maitre Chicot, appeared, followed by a soldier wearing a black copper-pointed helmet.

Maitre Chicot and his wife, bewildered, received them sorrowfully, and suddenly both of them together began to cry as they approached the first group.

Madame Chicot, distressed at the expense, kept running down to the cellar continually for cider.

He fancied himself La Mole, and Aramis, Bussy, Chicot, and D'Artagnan rolled into one, but he quite failed to envisage Val as Coconnas, Brissac, or Rochefort.