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Word usage examples

A fourth, black-bearded and squatly powerful, manned the steering oar.

There, also, The Shadow observed a squatly table lamp, with a large, unfrosted bulb upright in the socket.

Zinora is truly denied trade with the Windlorn Isles by hostile aborigines, then its fortunes will greatly decline.

This is long and curious, and was greatly altered and abreviated in early 19th Century Editions.

That some matter is absorbed from the gluten, we have clear evidence in the length of time during which the tentacles remain inflected, and in the greatly changed colour of the glands.

He also took off a cloak of fine material, in which he had dressed himself that day, and dressed the king in it, and sent for some colored boots, which he put on his feet, and he put a large silver ring on his finger, because he had heard that he had admired greatly a silver ornament worn by one of the sailors.

In adolescence the feelings of the Child replay in greatly amplified form as the hormones turn on and as the adolescent turns away from his parents as the principal source of stroking to his own age group for stroking of a new kind.

Retail or distribution companies can include a manufactured product in an advertisement and greatly reduce the cost of the advertising or receive an allowance or discount on purchases from manufacturers in heu of shared advertising costs.

Surveys reveal that the effectiveness of print advertising is greatly enhanced when the guarantee or warranty is substantiated.

Edward was the perfect king: affable to the people, greatly loved by them: he had all the charm and grace a king should have.