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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
benefit greatly/enormously/considerably etc
▪ I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly from the visit.
▪ The amount of food available varies considerably from season to season.
contribute substantially/significantly/greatly etc to sth
▪ Enya’s success has contributed substantially to the current interest in Celtic music.
▪ I deeply regretted what had happened.
differ greatly/enormously
▪ Modern teaching methods differ greatly from those fifty years ago.
far/vastly/greatly superior
▪ They soon realized that the opposing team’s players were far superior to their own.
greatly inferior
▪ Iron is greatly inferior to steel in many ways.
greatly/highly exaggerated (=by a large amount)
▪ The union put the figure at 5,000, but we believe this has been greatly exaggerated.
greatly/hugely relieved
▪ I was greatly relieved when he agreed.
greatly/substantially/considerably reduce
▪ He has greatly reduced the political power of the armed forces.
highly/greatly respected
▪ The author is a highly respected historian.
seriously/deeply/greatly etc disturbed
▪ The ancient tools discovered in Ethiopia strongly resemble those found in Tanzania.
suffer badly/greatly
▪ The town had suffered badly in the war.
vastly/greatly/heavily outnumber
▪ Men in prison vastly outnumber women.
▪ The value of a doctor's notes is greatly enhanced if the information is concisely presented.
▪ These have turned in greatly enhanced profits for the year ending December 31.
▪ The last traces of independence within the military establishment were removed and the State's powers of coercion greatly enhanced.
▪ So, too, is the high-rise appearance and greatly enhanced performance.
▪ Although members are down in the senior section a greatly improved atmosphere now exists.
▪ Later developments, however, have produced greatly improved versions of this type of cladding.
▪ They can do this with a fraction of the water usage of the normal in-rack system and has a greatly improved performance.
▪ The benefits: greatly improved productivity and more effective decision making which will provide your business with an even greater competitive advantage.
▪ It also greatly improved blood circulation which in turn helps to induce peaceful, deep, relaxing sleep.
▪ Because of this greatly improved performance, the board is recommending a 33% increase in dividend to 0.8 pence.
▪ The result was a substantial increase in survival partly because of surgery and partly because of the greatly improved general care that infants received.
▪ The greatly increased power which flows from the Act is enshrouded in a mist of complicated statutory provisions.
▪ The significantly lower plasminogen activator activity of malignant ascites is associated with greatly increased concentrations of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1.
▪ Since work started a greatly increased number of visitors have been arriving, and since the reopening regular services have been held.
▪ They have also had to face greatly increased competition both to get into drama school and into the profession.
▪ If the amphibians could manage to deposit their eggs out of water, their young would certainly have greatly increased chances of survival.
▪ By 1870 the old city ramparts and defensive gateways had been torn down because they hindered the greatly increased flow of traffic.
▪ Companies can purchase multiple copies of popular packages at greatly reduced prices.
▪ Arrangement can be made to stay at the Hotel at a greatly reduced price.
▪ The hotel also boasts a tennis court available to all guests at greatly reduced rates.
▪ With a greatly reduced army, he marched into the kingdoms of Deria and Lerida.
▪ If possible, brush the sauce on a couple of hours before cooking as this will add greatly to the flavour.
▪ A general sense of impunity has added greatly to this situation.
▪ It believes that this has added greatly to its competitive position in the market.
▪ Faculty examinations are also unnecessary because they will add greatly to training and development costs.
▪ This phenomenon actually adds greatly to the congenial atmosphere of an agency and encourages friendship and good relations at all levels.
▪ Pilot schemes suggest they can add greatly to the citizen's sense of security and build support for the police.
▪ The quality of graphics in Death Watch is breathtaking and adds greatly to the atmosphere of fantasy and adventure.
▪ But a chief from Puna who had greatly admired Naihe's surfing ability sent a servant to wake the sleeping chanter.
▪ I greatly admire the former San Francisco mayor and legislator.
▪ Spiers was an unassuming and kindly man, whose painstaking scholarship was greatly admired by those who knew him.
▪ I have combined here details from three programs that I know and whose directors, students, and ex-students I admire greatly.
▪ Oliver was very surprised to see all this, and greatly admired them for controlling their sadness so well.
▪ A friend, whom 1 admire greatly, was hospitalized after a heart attack.
▪ The beautifully illuminated Gondola, which was so greatly admired a year ago, will recommence nightly voyages.
▪ They are two singers I greatly admire.
▪ Neville Chamberlain was greatly affected by the death of his cousin Norman and determined that such sacrifice should not be wasted.
▪ The direction of the new world order will be greatly affected by chance.
▪ The quality of the relationships is greatly affected by the approach to them and to the task adopted by the project manager.
▪ Some of these attributes do and some do not greatly affect the eating satisfaction of foods.
▪ Should the proposals come into force they would greatly affect the already unfairly restricted use of metal detectors.
▪ Some industries, for example plastics, will evidently not be greatly affected.
▪ To achieve efficiency, pruning of low-scoring readings may take place at certain points without greatly affecting the accuracy of the system.
▪ But it greatly affects the inherent or acquired advantages of any given situation.
▪ Her ability to keep the notoriously impatient monarch amused was greatly appreciated in royal circles.
▪ His service and wise counsel during his tenure as chairman have been greatly appreciated by all of us on the Board.
▪ Prizes or donations for the Raffle would be greatly appreciated.
▪ If you could please take your time and respond, it would be greatly appreciated and it will be worth it.
▪ A muddy bottom is greatly appreciated by all Bacopa species.
▪ Fox and Associates greatly appreciates the opportunity to bid on this project. 16.
▪ We greatly appreciate the interest she is showing in our work and will value her professional guidance. 5.
▪ Any information would be greatly appreciated.
▪ By 1900, imports had halved the cost of meat and bread, greatly assisting the diet of the working classes.
▪ This can greatly assist in tendering or in compiling house scales.
▪ Amplified vibration can reinforce the normal rhythm of speech and can greatly assist forming the right habits.
▪ The government's international rehabilitation was greatly assisted by the Gulf war.
▪ If a loop system is installed in the room or hall, this will greatly assist the majority of aid-users.
▪ The Corporate Plan, recently approved by Council, will greatly assist in the focusing of future budgets.
▪ As committed feminists they feel that feminism can greatly assist the professional mental health worker.
▪ He was always ready to help anybody and in this he was greatly assisted by Rosemary.
▪ As we have seen Nonconformists benefited greatly from rising standards of living and the movement to the suburbs.
▪ Las Vegas benefited greatly from an influx of visitors, many of whom made stopovers on the way to Phoenix.
▪ In both contract races Hunslet benefited greatly from its low overheads.
▪ But he benefits greatly by knowing that you know and respect what he wants.
▪ It is at this point that a right heart attitude would benefit greatly from an intelligent technique.
▪ If anything like this is offered, most people would benefit greatly from participating.
▪ They also include the control of environmental pollution, and we could benefit greatly through co-operating further on defence and foreign policy.
▪ In 1986, for instance, Dole supported an inheritance tax code that greatly benefited the Gallos.
▪ And he says things have changed greatly in Cleveland over the last five years.
▪ In those ten years, a blink of the eye to a historian, the United States changed greatly.
▪ Man has greatly changed himself as a person in the same period of time by changing the world in which he lives.
▪ Even in today's greatly changed urban landscape, the K ppersm hle in Duisburg is still a striking city landmark.
▪ Her father had changed greatly with his wife's death, too.
▪ The world has changed greatly since 1967 and it is not easy merely to return to United Nations resolution 242.
▪ By the end of the Second World War, however, that had greatly changed.
▪ Since the publication of Miss Mitford's book, unbelievably, more than twenty-five years ago, some things have greatly changed.
▪ Successful nominees to the committee contribute greatly to the Trust's work, offering a wealth of specialist expertise and experience.
▪ They felt a need to reorder a broken world, a need that contributed greatly to their intellectual growth.
▪ This form of characterisation greatly contributes to the enjoyment of this novel.
▪ Communications difficulties contributed greatly to a complete lack of coordination of efforts.
▪ The curve of the blade contributed greatly to this, as Henry Stephens showed in his Book of the Farm.
▪ At the same time he participated vigorously in the debates and contributed greatly to the clarification of many issues.
▪ This type of arable cropping could contribute greatly to the income of smaller units.
▪ It may seem odd, but this deviant definition of homosexuality contributed greatly to the rise of gay liberation.
▪ All, of course, also depends greatly on your agency.
▪ Commanders naturally depended greatly on their helicopters.
▪ However good one's hearing may be the amount that is understood greatly depends upon you.
▪ The idea of fitness is a subtle one, and depends greatly on genetic make-up rather than morphology.
▪ Applications depend greatly on the flexibility of the program used.
▪ They also vary greatly depending upon the attitudes adopted by individual ministers.
▪ The former is extremely sensitive to orbital parameters, whereas the latter depends greatly on the nature of monsoons.
▪ These histories may be similar on very large scales, but they will differ greatly on normal, everyday scales.
▪ The rural hinterland which supported the two best known cities differed greatly.
▪ In either case, the actual functioning of official institutions may differ greatly from their declared purposes.
▪ The result is that families differ greatly in their ability to express their wants in the market.
▪ Pluvinel regarded all horses as individuals, and recognised that their temperaments can differ greatly.
▪ The hero and the villain, of course, are common to both, but their personal characteristics may differ greatly.
▪ Taking a less detailed view, the patterns of discovery do not differ greatly.
▪ Not only does all mankind face death, but the various peoples of the world face death in greatly differing ways.
▪ Hence without the existence of heterodoxy and orthodoxy, collective struggles diminish greatly in importance in traditional societies.
▪ If Terk can do this without greatly diminishing either picture or sound quality, it has a winner.
▪ And over the past 20 years, the number of closed countries has greatly diminished.
▪ You will get 10 years of use, but possibly at a greatly diminished capacity.
▪ So we need to preserve that part of vocational education but greatly diminish narrow training for specific jobs.
▪ But if the principal base of lunar operations is in the equatorial region, the attractiveness of polar ice is greatly diminished.
▪ I couldn't possibly know, but that outburst, understandable as it was, greatly disturbed me.
▪ Despite it, I am quite satisfied that their evenings, their sleep and their general comfort were greatly disturbed.
▪ And man, lacking such things as machinery, petroleum, pesticides, etc, did not greatly disturb the environment.
▪ All its managers undergo an extensive training programme, and their career development is greatly encouraged.
▪ For some, and by any abstract test not the most important, debt is greatly encouraged.
▪ I have been greatly encouraged by our recent form.
▪ Period dress is greatly encouraged, with jeans and trainers being banned!
▪ The Nonconformists were therefore greatly encouraged and enjoyed much popular support at this time.
▪ Despite the elements of confusion, which I am sure I introduced, I was greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm shown.
▪ For instance, do you know the simple trick that greatly enhances the flavour and colour of vegetables during cooking?
▪ This in itself greatly enhances their knowledge and understanding.
▪ The tune is in the key of E and the whole package is greatly enhanced by Cliff's innovative guitar playing.
▪ The value of the 2, 000 acres of ranch property would be greatly enhanced without the landfill as its closest neighbor.
▪ Colour is another important point to consider with fine hair, because it can greatly enhance its appearance.
▪ Salads with mixed greens and top quality olive oil or walnut oil can also be greatly enhanced by confit.
▪ These developments have greatly enhanced our understanding of how the visual system functions.
▪ Such capacity is expected to greatly enhance the ability of researchers to perform complex analyses using remote resources.
▪ Properly speaking, Aunt Tossie should have presented Nicandra at Court, which she would have greatly enjoyed doing.
▪ I greatly enjoyed being whirled past the long lines of spray, flashing in the sun.
▪ Several Q.T's have joined us over the months and have greatly enjoyed getting to know the students and working with them.
▪ For the second year running, the company hosted a party that was greatly enjoyed by all.
▪ Bob and Beryl Owen bought the Hall in 1978 and they both greatly enjoy the guest house business.
▪ He also greatly enjoyed Kenneth Horne, although his memory of the show in his autobiography was somewhat limited.
▪ Claire greatly enjoys the business, after a career as the Assistant Head of a laboratory.
▪ My swimming partner and I greatly enjoyed taking part in the event.
▪ Consider the death of Amtrak, to paraphrase Mark Twain, to be greatly exaggerated.
▪ Its position is similar to that of Mark Twain: reports of its death would be greatly exaggerated.
▪ All of these pressures are greatly exaggerated in the new lifestyles shown on the electronic media.
▪ Touts make money when the demand for their tickets greatly exceeds the supply at the official price.
▪ He uses his great influence and his knowledge as a lawyer for not paying his debts, which greatly exceed his fortune.
▪ Agricultural and industrial demand, amplified by population growth, often greatly exceeds the rate of natural recharge.
▪ For items where costs have been disclosed, these estimates have been greatly exceeded.
▪ In December 1990 the already extensive presidential powers were greatly expanded with the creation of a new state leadership structure.
▪ In California and Florida, state funding and technical assistance for career academies have greatly expanded the number of such programs statewide.
▪ By 1958 much trade discrimination had been eliminated, and both production and the volume of trade had greatly expanded.
▪ And our sociological horizons have greatly expanded.
▪ This has been greatly expanded to provide a deeper experience for visitors.
▪ The bar scene greatly expanded in the seventies as well.
▪ The powers of the Federal government were greatly expanded.
▪ We present twelve different categories of these, but the number could be greatly expanded.
▪ This list could be greatly extended with accounts of successful predictions and explanations made possible by inductively derived scientific laws and theories.
▪ For this reason they can not cope with climates having greatly extended winters.
▪ Klein's theories of projection and introjection greatly extend this model.
▪ The process of communication is greatly facilitated.
▪ This would greatly facilitate the treatment of genetically complex tumours like colorectal cancer.
▪ This would be greatly facilitated by moving the work of this office into the Inverleith Row premises.
▪ Sensitive intervention of this kind is greatly facilitated in classrooms where group discussion approaches are used.
▪ Perhaps most importantly, the computer interface greatly facilitates both obtaining and recording a complete medical history.
▪ Such contracts are widely used in large scale commercial operations and may greatly facilitate commercial activity.
▪ The first oil crisis created particular concern in this respect, but the development of the Euro-currency market greatly facilitated the process.
▪ Modern technology greatly facilitates the recall and display of material held centrally.
▪ People with Down's syndrome can be greatly helped by having extra time spent with them.
▪ Here, the other side was helped greatly by the great power of modern light infantry weapons.
▪ Some farms had in recent times improved their stock handling facilities and this had helped greatly.
▪ Gooch finished with 146 and Gower 88 not out, greatly helped by Marshall having to go off injured.
▪ The new project will greatly help these cyclists as well as lessening the effects of car pollution.
▪ The ordering of building materials would help greatly the building supplies industry that is at present in the doldrums.
▪ No, there aren't any easy solutions but expressing your feelings can help greatly.
▪ I was greatly impressed by the high level of commitment to the achievement of success by everyone that I met.
▪ He had greatly impressed us by sucking out raw eggs and swinging dangerously from the barn rafters.
▪ All those around were greatly impressed by the power of acupuncture.
▪ This correction greatly impressed Master Wills.
▪ Wine scientists were not greatly impressed with the new results, however.
▪ Royal Ideology Gregory was not greatly impressed by most of the sons and grandsons of Clovis, but there were exceptions.
▪ Production methods have been greatly improved.
▪ Increased and improved communication plus the passage of time and more frequent face-to-face contacts should greatly improve understanding.
▪ However, both these methods would be greatly improved by adding full-length curtains at the sides where space allows.
▪ Four years ago, Clinton produced an act of symbolism that greatly improved his chances of defeating George Bush.
▪ Enterprise zones have not been environmentally harmful; in many cases standards have greatly improved.
▪ However, in the second twenty-four hour period the mothers' confidence and caregiving skills improved greatly.
▪ Mr. Wakeham Certainly the productivity of the coal industry has improved greatly over the years, but further improvement is still required.
▪ Quality and productivity greatly improved, as did the enthusiasm with which the newly formed teams carried out their work.
▪ Compulsory seating at football grounds has greatly increased my enjoyment of games.
▪ Some say the industrialised countries will have to come to the rescue by greatly increasing their own farm production.
▪ I am proud that we have greatly increased the facilities for day-case treatment.
▪ This is greatly increased by sweating.
▪ When the index is computerised it will be practicable to increase greatly the number of names on the index.
▪ By then, however, the number of priests and church buildings had greatly increased.
▪ When combining the capabilities of both the established and new manufacturing plant, flexibility has also greatly increased.
▪ That might not greatly increase the number of youngsters who stayed on at school.
▪ A massive interview program convinced Mayo that informal working groups created a social environment that greatly influenced the productivity of the employees.
▪ Piaget s system for conceptualizing intellectual development was greatly influenced by his early training and work as a biologist.
▪ The younger musicians, influenced greatly by Miles Davis, liked their jazz, but liked it loud.
▪ The price of gas which only supplies about 30 percent of the energy does not greatly influence the results.
▪ A culture that promotes and encourages change will greatly influence the attitude to change held by staff.
▪ It was also greatly influenced by the managers' credibility and network of relationships.
▪ The true incidence of this varies and is greatly influenced by the experience and skill of the surgical team.
▪ His expertise and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.
▪ They were like ailing friends met at the post office, or greatly missed because they had passed away.
▪ Graham Tiso was a true outdoor man who will be greatly missed.
▪ He says he was popular and will be greatly missed.
▪ Pat Keen, who has gone to Cornwall will be greatly missed as a teacher.
▪ He leaves a widow,, and will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
▪ Fred Lloyd Roche, who had been our friend and colleague, passed away last November and will be greatly missed.
▪ They were greatly outnumbered and there was definitely something unnatural about the striding men.
▪ For starters, those ignoring it greatly outnumber those embracing it.
▪ The change of policy hit women especially hard since they had greatly outnumbered men as recipients of out-door relief.
▪ Beatty sighted Scheer's fleet shortly before 16.40 and, being greatly outnumbered, turned north to join Jellicoe.
▪ The indifferent continue to greatly outnumber the inspired when it comes to decentralized management in that important segment of the management population.
▪ The Elves were greatly outnumbered and the situation looked desperate.
▪ The police had acted bravely and justly, although greatly outnumbered.
▪ If it were straight narrative it would be a Giant, but as a graphic novel its market is greatly reduced.
▪ As Lake Powell filled, the flow of fresh water below it was greatly reduced.
▪ I hope that the waiting list for cardiac surgery will reduce greatly over the next year.
▪ The gap between the knowledge of. the skilled worker and bourgeois technician has virtually disappeared or been greatly reduced.
▪ This has greatly reduced their potential for instigating change.
▪ The risk was considerable, and has been greatly reduced by responsible promotion and labeling.
▪ For the latter system greatly reduces the incentive to export and leads to a progressive worsening of the balance of payments.
▪ That's something we expect will greatly reduce the number of actual candidates from all those currently jabbering about it.
▪ Fitzroy said they would greatly regret losing me but understood my reasons.
▪ I lost my mother when I was in my early thirties and greatly regret not showing how much I missed her.
▪ In many ways I was greatly relieved as it had become obvious to me that he wasn't well.
▪ Both the mothers and fathers were greatly relieved when they actually saw their children.
▪ The party was greatly relieved to get the whole business over and done with.
▪ At first there was no response to Cleo's knock, at which Dauntless was greatly relieved.
▪ One player has recalled: I've always greatly respected von Karajan, simply because he treated you man to man.
▪ You are a man of special sympathy and intelligence, and I greatly respect you for it.
▪ Mrs. Bottomley I greatly respect the hon. Gentleman's comments.
▪ The professor, who was greatly respected and whose classes were much enjoyed, used to stage an experiment.
▪ I accept it because it was said by Breton whose opinions I respect greatly, but that's all.
▪ The notation can be greatly simplified by adopting the Einstein summation convention in which we sum over repeated indices.
▪ Paperwork was reduced by 65 percent, and coordination greatly simplified.
▪ The annual Finance Bill could then be greatly simplified and concentrate on changes to the rates of the main tax levies.
▪ If an automatic time switch is available, this greatly simplifies the keeping of a regular lighting schedule.
▪ The job can be greatly simplified if a few short lengths of plastic tubing are kept in stock.
▪ The operative adapts to the idea of saving time and bonus calculations are greatly simplified.
▪ Nuclear nervousness predates Chernobyl; but what happened there greatly strengthened it.
▪ Thus the case for a common origin was greatly strengthened.
▪ We make it impossible to use, when in fact that voice might greatly strengthen our writing.
▪ Remember, professionally speaking, there is here the exciting potential for greatly strengthening the teaching aspect of the library media program.
▪ His own position has been greatly strengthened and the election has been a personal triumph for him.
▪ These new committees have greatly strengthened the House so far as controlling the Executive is concerned.
▪ But Asquith's refusal greatly strengthened the Unionist position. as it left Lloyd George wholly dependent on his allies.
▪ This move has greatly strengthened the regulatory force of accounting standards.
▪ Some of the disastrous shopping centres of the 1960s suffered greatly from under-use because of limited public access from the surrounding streets.
▪ One way or another, the two officers are going to suffer greatly.
▪ Her own health suffered greatly, which caused Mozart much anxiety.
▪ As Wynes had documented, Drew had suffered greatly from Jim Crow during much of his highly meritorious life.
▪ Meanwhile, the fabric of the church has suffered greatly, and it now needs large sums for repair.
▪ His father, the last trained pastor in the country, had been in prison and suffered greatly there for 8 years.
▪ Some of these caribou have in recent years suffered greatly, at human hands.
▪ Under Labour, businesses suffered greatly from the increase in business rates.
▪ The physiological states of growing organisms including human beings - vary greatly from one stage to another.
▪ Even today, funeral practices and rites vary greatly among various cultures and religions.
▪ Plots, like the settings, can vary greatly as to specifics.
▪ The attitude to the disposal of plastics varies greatly among countries.
▪ The number of skills that are identified can vary greatly.
▪ The actual lengths of sounds in connected speech vary greatly.
▪ The elasticity values faced by individual developing countries vary greatly as a function, firstly, of their size.
be (deeply/greatly) indebted to sb
▪ For further information, we are indebted to Vaughan Purvis who was not supposed to be in this festival at all.
▪ I am indebted to my correspondent Mrs D. M. Ross for this compelling tale.
▪ I am deeply indebted to Henry Rosemont, who gave a great deal of assistance in the final revisions of the manuscript.
▪ In contrast, Pollock's student drawings after El Greco are indebted to Cézanne.
▪ Mr Berlusconi is indebted to bankers as well as to politicians.
▪ The blood transfusion brought colour to my face and I am deeply indebted to some anonymous donor.
▪ The Dark Blues were indebted to Jason Pratt, 21, who was named man of the match.
▪ Critics say that the report's figures are greatly exaggerated.
▪ I think we have all benefited greatly from Helen's knowledge and experience.
▪ The money you sent us was greatly appreciated.
▪ The recent talks have greatly improved relations between North and South Korea.
▪ The students were greatly amused by Professor Unwin's remark.
▪ We greatly enjoyed the play.
▪ We greatly regret having caused you so much trouble and inconvenience.
▪ Enrollment in introductory geology courses has increased greatly in the past decade.
▪ For many years, the benefits of the expensive system greatly outweighed the disadvantages.
▪ I do not think that it matters greatly whether this kind of contract is called a sale or not.
▪ I was greatly impressed by the high level of commitment to the achievement of success by everyone that I met.
▪ Judging the character, capacity, and collateral of a particular firm is aided greatly by the use of commercial credit services.
▪ Most saw it as an evil, although the ways suggested to combat the condition varied greatly.
▪ The filtering effects are greatly reduced.
▪ The significantly lower plasminogen activator activity of malignant ascites is associated with greatly increased concentrations of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Greatly \Great"ly\, adv.

  1. In a great degree; much.

    I will greatly multiply thy sorrow.
    --Gen. iii. 16.

  2. Nobly; illustriously; magnanimously.

    By a high fate thou greatly didst expire.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, from great + -ly (2). Similar formation in Middle Dutch grotelike, Dutch grootelijks.


adv. 1 (context archaic English) nobly; magnanimously. 2 To a great extent or degree.


adv. to a great extent or degree; "he improved greatly"; "greatly reduced"

Usage examples of "greatly".

Zinora is truly denied trade with the Windlorn Isles by hostile aborigines, then its fortunes will greatly decline.

This is long and curious, and was greatly altered and abreviated in early 19th Century Editions.

That some matter is absorbed from the gluten, we have clear evidence in the length of time during which the tentacles remain inflected, and in the greatly changed colour of the glands.

He also took off a cloak of fine material, in which he had dressed himself that day, and dressed the king in it, and sent for some colored boots, which he put on his feet, and he put a large silver ring on his finger, because he had heard that he had admired greatly a silver ornament worn by one of the sailors.

In adolescence the feelings of the Child replay in greatly amplified form as the hormones turn on and as the adolescent turns away from his parents as the principal source of stroking to his own age group for stroking of a new kind.

Retail or distribution companies can include a manufactured product in an advertisement and greatly reduce the cost of the advertising or receive an allowance or discount on purchases from manufacturers in heu of shared advertising costs.

Surveys reveal that the effectiveness of print advertising is greatly enhanced when the guarantee or warranty is substantiated.

Edward was the perfect king: affable to the people, greatly loved by them: he had all the charm and grace a king should have.

Piles are not only in and of themselves very painful and annoying, but often greatly aggravate and even cause other grave and painful affections, and should, therefore, not be neglected.

We have seen that leaves immersed for some hours in dense solutions of sugar, gum, and starch, have the contents of their cells greatly aggregated, and are rendered more or less flaccid, with the tentacles irregularly contorted.

The difficulty of procuring provisions was extreme, and the means he was compelled to employ for that purpose greatly heightened the evil, at the same time insubordination and want of discipline prevailed to such an alarming degree that it would be as difficult as painful to depict the situation of our army at this period, Marmont, by his steady conduct, fortunately succeeded in correcting the disorders which prevailed, and very soon found himself at the head of a well-organised army, amounting to 30,000 infantry, with forty pieces of artillery, but he had only a very small body of cavalry, and those ill-mounted.

The making of the railway of which I have spoken, and the amalgamation of the provinces would greatly tend to such an event.

Animal matter enters into combination with oxygen in precisely the same way as vegetable matter, but as, in addition to carbon and hydrogen, it contains nitrogen, the products of the eremacausis are more numerous, being carbon and nitrate of ammonia, carburetted and sulphuretted hydrogen, and water, and these ammoniacal salts greatly favor the growth of fungi.

I was on thorns, and I tried everything to avoid that subject, and to lead the conversation into a different channel, for the amorous particulars, on which she was dwelling with apparent delight, vexed me greatly, and spite causing coldness, I was afraid of not playing my part very warmly in the amorous contest which was at hand.

The apish savages, lacking the agility to leap the streets, were greatly handicapped.