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Word usage examples

Giuliani moest bekennen dat het een raak antwoord was op alle plagerijen.

Anne was gewend aan Georges reactie op een crisis: raak niet in paniek, neem het stukje bij beetje, maak er het beste van.

Mademoiselle von Haak gave a soft, sad glance at the young princess, and in a low voice asked for pardon for her unwelcome appearance.

But hours passed away, and still Mademoiselle von Haak did not appear.

Mademoiselle von Haak took her gently in her arms, and, amid her tears, whispered words of consolation, of sympathy, and of hope.

I entreated Mademoiselle von Haak with tears until she could no longer refuse to conduct me to your presence.

Mademoiselle von Haak was kneeling near her, and looking up with tender sympathy upon the princess.

It was twilight when Princess Amelia opened the door and bade her friend, Fraulein von Haak, enter.

Amelia understood these words, which were addressed to Fraulein von Haak, and a horrible wild laugh burst from her bloody, skinless lips.

Directly opposite Samual Aleksandrovich was the Confederation Assembly President, Olton Haaker, with his chief aide Jeeta Anwar next to him.