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Sain (Welsh for Audio , ), in full – Recordiau Sain Cyf ( Audio Records Ltd ) is a Welsh record label , which was in the Welsh folk revival. Cwmni Sain was founded in Cardiff in 1969 by singers and songwriters Dafydd Iwan and Huw Jones, and businessman ...

Usage examples of sain.

At his words, Sain tensed beneath his touch and the spark in her eyes faded.

Barely older than Sain for one thing, third wife and married less than a year.

Sain, Sirket and Dau, Efi, Vida and Noi, little Mie and the unknown son or daughter that Sain is to bear.

Even Sain would be roused to protest, albeit with her endless excruciating apologies, if I started giving Hanyad orders.

What if Sain, in her grief, her new Daish son fatherless, turned to wed Chazen Sanl, whose remaining wife was also carrying a child of Daish blood?

He need be nowhere near, cosily ensconced with Sain in the southern residence.

The man who was her husband addressed her as Nai, which just means Woman, but the other men said courteously Sain Nai.

The Sain Nai, like the men, dipped her bits of meat barely long enough to warm them, and ate them nearly raw.

Magda recognized it, and agreed to go to Sain Scarp in the guise of a Free Amazon to rescue Peter.

At the time Magda Lome masqueraded as a Free Amazon to reach Sain Scarp, Rayna was enroute to Nev-arsin with Jaelle, Camilla, and others from this Guild House.

When we received the word from Sain Scarp, he was in the room with us, and he thought it a tremendous joke.

But my husband has forbidden me, once and for all, to go near Sain Scarp on any such mission.

But if the Gods are kind you will get to Sain Scarp, and, hopefully, back again, without using it.

She must not only be at Sain Scarp by midwinter, but she must leave some leeway for return to Thendara before the winter storms closed the passes.

She strained her ears to listen, thinking, if they are from Sain Scarp, they might know something of Pedro.